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  1. :)kasamiko its not a good idea to re install windows over the top of what you got, reformatting it all is the best option but if you have a spare d drive you can transfer all your good stuff onto it then reformatt your whole c drive, then after that you transfer it back to your c drive from the spare drive or slave drive.

  2. :)kasamiko download stinger.exe and use it to scan for viruses and trogens, before you do any system restore, if you do. ad ware gets rid of spy ware stuff stinger scans and deletes files damaged by the viruses, this will help. if your runing windows xp. and your computer keeps shutting down, or saying shut down initiated by nt authority system. it would be the w32 blatser worm , you can download the free w32 blaster worm removal tool, but if you dont have that problem then its ok,

  3. :)with my latest single output hv ignition coil driver circuti in the green pvc circuit box, i decided to exsperiment with it some more, and with just one multimeter probe at one of the output terminals i can still get tiny arcs jump to my skin, and ive allready tried some skin exfoiliating with it. i decide to take out of my parts draws 2 camera flash tubes, that i had with others from my former simple plasma tube exsperiments, posted in the high voltage stuff section. now i had 3 tubes bundled together and solder together at each end, and as i held one end the other end, i touch the probe from my ignition coil driver unit, to it, i was exspecting plasma like arcs or electrissity streamers to flow through it, but instead the end of the tubes i was holding lit up half way with a purple glow, i then held each end between my fingers and with the hv probe i touched the glass of the tubes one at a time, and although glass aint conductive , each tube i touched lit up completely with a purple glow like energy. not white like a flash tube normally dose when in the camera. , i kept wondering why it all glows purple when i touch the glass with the probe while holding each solderd end in my fingers, so i had a closer look useing my dome lense and can see tiny arcs from the probe tip going into the glass. like energy from a plasma display or similiar , but if glass aint conductive then i cant exsplain how this is happening, really . if you think this isent unusual, ive had neon globes glowing pink in colour in a former exsperiment , and i dont think its in the colours of the rainbow iether.

  4. :)here is a picture of a modified photo flash unit from a pocket camera, this is the circuit i used to dump high voltage into an ignition coil that gave me big arcs and this was the one where the hv arc was going from one terminal round the hv out then to the other terminal, when it should of come from the hv out to the neg return. the modified camera flash unit i mofified by removeing the photo flash capacitor then i put in a 350 volts 47 uf electro and 2x 1n4007 diodes , one for each end of the electro, and i had a push button not shown that enabled me to discharge the capacitor into the coil, allso i had a mercury switch to discharge the electro when i turne it off, the mercury switch not shown i removed it befor


  5. :)ive seen these pictures somewhere on the net before audio guru sibieria was said to produce the longest arc in the world 345 feet i think it was. i wouldent even atempt this kind of arc produceing even at that deadly magnitiude. we here live only in a one bedroom unit no room for this stuff .of that size.

  6. :) tonight i did some more testing of this latest circuit. and first i adjust the frequency of the output arc, that comes out of the probe tip of a multimeter probe i used, i decided to target a small freckle on the skin of my right arm, and after that i viewd it under a projector lense i had laying around and the spot where i treated the freckle , showed the freckle to be completely gone , burnt away and no pain can be felt at all . the projecter lense was dome shaped and i use it for viewing up close . after this i decided to try it on my cup of coffe siting near by, althougfh the lighting in my room wasent to bright to observe any effects , as i held the probe tip just above the surface of my cuppa coffe, i though i could just see this extra thin arc going into my conductive coffe. like a lightening bolt hitting the water, in the ocean .i thought i noticed a slight disturbence, on the flatt surface of my coffe in the cup, ill try it again under better lighting latter

  7. in these pictures i dressed up the front section of this latest high voltage circuit , with bits of white pvc cut and filed to shape to give the front pannel work a bit of a decent look, ive got plenty more high voltage circuits and ill be dressing them up to. i gave this latest circuit another test today with multi meter probes at the 2 single outputs , and as i increased the arc frenquency and applied the tip to my thumb i was able electrically exfoiliate or burn the surface skin layer, with no pain at all. so this circuit has some good uses, in removeing skin and exfoiliateing the surface of the skin and like my mini arc generater made from the small hv circuit from my old astra umax 6005 scanner ,this circuit will will kill any iritateing itch in less than a miniute, by the use of this needle thin adjustable hv arc.


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