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  1. I have problem is that when i switch of the 230VAC supply from transformer the DC output voltage reaches maximum voltage. please give me a solution.
  2. Shall I use TL081 instead of TLE2141 or MC34071 What are the changes need.
  3. I have doubt on transformer that the current ratting mentioned in my transformer is correct. So I need to reconfirm it by testing. I want to know the correct testing procedure of transformer. For example explain with a 30V/2A. Please help me to find out.
  4. Hai... I would like to design the same for a 0-30V / 5A power supply with the changes below. 30V/5A transformer. 2N3055 transistor 2nos parallel with Q4 and Q5 with same design. RV3 with 500K trimpot. Is it enough to make a 5A 30V power supply or please suggest a necessary changes.
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