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  1. Hi everyone. I need solar power for a well pump to irrigate. I have 14 panels rated at 240 Watt, 30VDC,7.9ADC....I need to power two(2) - 1.5HP well pumps for a total of 3 HP to run. I have ordered two inverters from china and both of them blew up. They would not replace them so I am needing someone to help me figure out what I need to use with the panels in order to run the pumps. I really needing help with the calculations of what I need. I'm new at this solar stuff and there is really no one around where I live that is knowledgeable. Do I have enough solar panels? What size inverter(s) do I need? The pumps should only run 4-5 hrs/day. Any help would be appreciated.
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