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  1. hello Thanks for the repy. after having done a bit of research as well those are my thoughts as well. I'm sure the programming is relatively simple for my needs and instead of beating myself over the head with th learning curve, I will just contract someobe to write the code. Thanks Ken
  2. Hello I have posted this question in Electronic Projects Design/Ideas but this section sounded a little closer to what I am looking for help on. I am looking for a controller that would have the functionality to operate several LED's in a normal mode and upon detection of a LACK of motion (accelerometer?) would cause the LED's to blink on and off. This would need a reset button to return to normal state, a small blinking low power LED to indicate that the unit is on and possibly a photo sensor (debating on this) I am not a electronics designer but I know there small boards that act as a PLC type of device which I think is what I'm looking for, with modules for the sensing devices, lighting and is programmable. I would need these devices to be as compact as you can think of as it will be wearable . Any ideas would be highly appreciated and I look forward to your input. Thanks, ken
  3. Hello I am looking for a compact device that would power 5 LED bulbs. I would like the bulbs to be able to turn on by a switch, but if it detected a LACK of physical motion (accelerometer?) than it would flash the bulbs. would need a reset button as well. The wiring/bulbs enclosure will be of my design, I'm pretty much just looking for the circuit/logic board-device or combination of devices etc. Any ideas for something that is currently on the market that could be built with these features? Thanks Ken
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