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  1. U r utterly mistakenned. Cancer only occurs in MICROWAVEspectrum. MIcrowaves end at 75mhz. "Safe" INFRA-RED begins at 100mhz! Infra-red,IE healing heat,continues to 25ghz! Our body is at 2.45ghz,athreshold which must be exceeded.Adult when seated generates 116watts,which is our secondthreshold. There's nothing normal about growing old. Check your Bible!The generation of ADAM lived longer than 900years. Recent evidence claims that alien colonists lived tens of thousands years(!) The difference between wide spectrum heat ,ie normal,and frequency specific is terrific. U will not burn so long as no carrier info is included. Just to be safe use gain control to ease current into body. U have no idea just how advanced is our state of electronics. Unfortunately the cost of applicable equipment re mains restrictive. They don't make this high end unit only 4 health purposes(refering here to almost as expensive FREQUENCY GENERATOR) Combining both will obviously save a ton of money.
  2. requires EXTREMELY expensive units.Most costly is RF GENERATOR. Must reach 5ghz or higher(2.45ghz threshold) and 200watts or better. Try AMPLIFIER RESEARCH OR OPHIR. U also need FREQUENCY GENERATOR of same max frquency. Try KANDEL ELECTRONICS. Kandel is also great 4 custom leads. Finally portable generator 240volts and 10,000watts(!) INtroduce current onto thumbs from RF GENERATOR. Should cure anything! 8 years research. I lack resources.Contact [email protected] with results. GOOD LUCK!
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