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  1.     I have been using EasyEDAhttps://easyeda.com/editor for over a year now with great results. There’s no subscription cost to use it and in Anonymous mode you don’t even have to register.It has some rough edges but is developing very quickly with a Sandbox version for users to try out new features.(There’s a major update due from the Sandbox in a week or so that will introduce live DRC in PCB layout, the ability to add extensions and scripting and add a raft of new parts.)The most startling things about EasyEDA are not just that it is free up to the point where you want to physically buy a (low cost) PCB directly from EasyEDA but that, unlike ExpressPCB and some others, you are not tied into buying the PCBs from EasyEDA: you can download Gerbers and send them off to any PCB fab house at no charge from EasyEDA.It has some pretty impressive import (and export) options. For instance it can import schematic and PCB designs from Altium and Eagle. Library import from KiCad is also provided.It can even import schematics from LTspice which gives LTspice users a really easy route into doing PCBs straight from LTspice schematics.Although maybe not important to this discussion, EasyEDA also has good simulation support using ngspice. Many LTspice simulations can be run in ngspice with little editing effort.Symbol and footprint library searching is simple (although searching for spice models is still a bit clunky but all devices in the default library have models already associated with them).I’ve found the ability to share projects privately or publically a useful feature for collaboration. If people are interested to try it, I’d recommend looking through the Tutorial and the Simulation eBook before diving in. What's EasyEDA?Please see EasyEDA Tutorial at https://easyeda.com/Doc/Tutorial/introduction.htm#What'sEasyEDA EasyEDA is a great web based EDA tool for electronics engineers, educators, students, makers and enthusiasts.   There’s no need to install any software. Just open EasyEDA in any HTML5 capable, standards compliant web browser.   Whether you are using Linux, Mac or Windows; Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, or Safari. EasyEDA has all the features you expect and need to rapidly and easily take your design from conception through to production.   EasyEDA provides:   Schematic capture   ngpice-based simulation   PCB layout   PCB Design Rules and Checking   Export   PCB netlist in   Altium Designer   Kicad   PADS   Spice netlist   WaveForm simulation plot data (in CSV format)   Schematic in   pdf   image   SVG   Creation of BoM reports   Import   Altium/ProtelDXP Ascii Schematic/PCB   Eagle Schematic/PCB/libs   LTspice Schematic/symbols (may require editing for Ngspice compatibility)   Kicadlibs/modules (footprint libraries)   Spice models and subcircuits   Symbol creation and editing   Multi-sheet and Hierarchical schematics (passive drawings and active simulation schematics)   Spice subcircuit creation   WaveForm viewer   Post simulation measurements   PCB footprint creation and editing   Simple but powerful general drawing capabilities   Schematic symbol, spice model and PCB footprint library management   Online sharing of - and collaborative working on - schematics, simulations, PCB layouts, designs and projects
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