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  1. How can I measure the current through the fan motors ? Can you give me the concept or something ? And how can I make them indicate the faulty fan where there are more than 1 fan ?
  2. That's pretty good idea. Doable I guess. But actually I'm looking for internal detection solution. Is it possible ?
  3. Thank you for your good idea! But in this case, I don't think that method is effective because there are multiple fan running simultaneously and the external air also may cause error signal.
  4. Hi guys, I would like to ask your help. I would like to make an electronic circuit where it can detect the fan failure and indicates it with the light. The specs are as follow: -240VAC cooling fan (4 unit) -1 tower light (green & red) I want to make the light indicate green when all the fan are working but the red when 1 or more of the fan fault. Thank you guys for your cooperation. I really appreciate it.
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