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  1. El Bruto, Do you have a home automation system (or, are you thinking of doing any HA stuff)? This is an ideal task for HA, and it would be easy to set up. Note that I'm not saying to get into HA just for this (that would be overkill).
  2. The problem is that the amp is outside of LOS. So, I'm in the recliner, watching a movie; if I have to change the volume, I have to contort my arm to get the amp to see the signal. I just checked with new batteries -- no improvement. I thought that was the colloquial term for an emitter that some TVs had; you plug it into the TV and stick the emitter onto the auxiliary device's IR sensor. Is that worded properly? You have 2 TSOP1738 ICs there. Why does the circuit have to "create a new 38KHz carrier"? I'm figuring that the 'blaster' will block the sensor. If I need to, I could mask it with electrical tape.
  3. I need a simple IR extender; it's for just a few feet, but it would make watching TV better. I have a blaster (from an old TV); it has several feet of wire attached, which will be plenty. I'm hoping to use it for this project. I found this project: http://www.electronics-lab.com/project/ir-remote-extender/ Is this the simplest that such a project can be? That is, could I get an IR sensor and the appropriate PS for it and the blaster, and then feed the sensor's out to the blaster's in? Or, does the signal have to be demodulated? If so, could I just use a TSOP1738 (or similar), and feed it into the blaster (perhaps with some extra components, like Q2)? So, why does that circuit need a 555?
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