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  1. yaaas, many chinese solar garden light do have a dim light and last not long. And i will try your way to make a brighter led, thanks man. could really be helpful, though my eyes were indeed caught by you Gif-avatar, hahaha
  2. I used a switching power supply(300v, 24w), why can't it bear a 240w circuit ? (240w is a certain number of 2.4w loads in parallel )
  3. I want to charge a LiPo battery via the ballance plugs. So it's a ballanced charge, and I don't run into any problems, day in and day out.The light can be very small, but I want it to be bright. So even using a couple LEDs would make a really nice and bright mailbox light.I want the light to last all night long. So that means I need to know the current draw of the LEDs to the capacity of the LiPo batteries.etc.I need help on this. I need help with the fact how to use an Op Amp to shut the light off when it's daylight out.. or a specific amount of light is sensed.Light Sensed : Start charging, and turn off the LED lights.Light Sensed : Set the Op Amp to detect 4.2vdc. When it does, shut down the charging, &LED's stay off until darkness is detected.That's my idea of a mailbox light, with very long battery life, and high current solar charging abilities.Can anyone help me with this kind of circuit? Here is where my LED come from http://www.kynix.com/Search/led.html
  4. Recently I use a monolithic phase locked loop IC MC14046B to design a high frequency drive circuit. When I use CD4046A, it can not work, I would like to ask that do the two pin have the same function of the circuit? what is the difference?
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