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  1. I purchased from China small cd4017 rotating sound driven LED kit for my grandson. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work I suspect it is the speaker as I have tested and or substituted all of the other components and they seem fine. I can get it flashing by moving the positive and or negative lead against the power input wires. But nothing else happen when sound is applied. Th schematic from the seller is useless but I found a schematic elsewhere and I hope that someone might have a suggestion?
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply, I will give this product a try! Al
  3. I have come hat in hand to try and get your opinions on what is the easiest and quickest to learn a Circuit Designer software. Ideally I want a Free and open source product that would allow the importing of circuits and components into the application when the component can not be found in the component library! I am a struggling elderly person who has bashed around circuits for several years and want and need a rather basic design product to assist in putting together designs that come to mind. Previously I used trial and effort with a bread board and or building a circuit with components and solder. What suggestions might you have???
  4. It has been a long time since I posted this to this forum. If you need help because I misunderstand what you want to do let me know! If I remember correctly I needed to connect the positive and negative leads together, then I turned the voltage knob up a bit then I adjusted the Amperage Knob to the setting I wanted. This then sets the maximum Amperage I then disconnected the positive and negative cables.
  5. Thank you for the reply. Regarding the Blue LED's that I installed it was simply a test to try and find out why the LED driver was showing the 17 - 19 volts DC instead of the 9-12 Volts advertised. This driver or rather drivers will be used to power 1- 10 Watt 12 Volt SMD chip and the consern is that to voltage will be to great for the SMD. I wanted advise here before contacting the seller on E-Bay!
  6. Greetings All; I ordered from E-Bay 10- 10 Watt SMD LED's, I then ordered a couple of 10 Watt drivers for these lights. The spec's are as follows: 10W Driver Driving power: 10w model: 3 series 3 in parallel Input Voltage: 85V~265V Output Voltage: 9-12V Current:900mA Efficiency > 88% Power Factor >0.98 Operating Temperature: -20~80 I received the drivers early and am waiting for the LED's to arrive so I decided to try and test the drivers this morning. I wired them up to my 220 Volt AC current the measured with a multi-meter the DC output. I was expecting 12 volts DC or so but I was showing a pulse of between 17 to 19 volts DC. Thinking that a load might be required I used a breadboard with a high ohm resister and 8- 5mm Blue LED's in series. The LED's all worked but there was pulsing as if the current was fluctuating, one thing I did noticed was that the circuit board used only to Diodes and not the four I expected for rectification. As a novice I have come here hoping that someone might know what is happening or if I have two defective modules? Thank you in advance.
  7. I figured it out now, it just took a lot more effort but finally got it working. The Amperage setting is not spot on but is close when applying extra voltage to the motor etc.
  8. Greetings All; I recently squired a DC Lab power supply and seem to have an issue in setting up the current limitation on the unit. The unit is SKY TOP Power STP3005 30V 5A power supply, I have listed a link to it below: https://en.skytoppower.com/project/regulated-power-supply-stp3005-30v-5a/ The unit came with a small two page manual that covers setting up the current limit in two lines. I tried several times to do this following there instructions but could not get the current limit set. I went to U-Tube and found a couple video's of other small power supplies and followed there instructions but still the same result. I believe that the issue is me not the power supply but there is a possibility that the unit might be defective? I linked both the positive and negative leads together and made sure that the voltage was set to Zero. Then I moved the course setting Amperage button to Zero which then caused the CC led to come on, then I moved the current knob clock-wise to about 25% of its rotation and at that point the LED switched from CC to CV. At this position I could move the course voltage nob now and both the current and amperage would increase. I removed the probes from being linked together and installed a LED bulb, the unit was in voltage mode and I increased the voltage and both values increase beyond the limit I thought I had set. I would appreciate and instructions/comments that might assist me in getting the current limitation set.
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