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  1. so as the electron pass these cavity things inbetwen the anode it cause them to resonate and that force a small amount of force to the metal tube which cause electromagnetic waves right?
  2. im still not really understanding what happens inside these cavity things how the electrons are changed into waves
  3. that the links are great but im having a bit of trouble understanding how the magnertron works i know that current flows out the hot filament and the spirals around befor getting tothe anode becuase of the magnetic field but im not sure about how the rest works how the current goes into the cavitys and stuff ahppens in there which makes the microwaves. can someone explain in a grade 11-12 level for my assigment thanks in advance steve
  4. hey guys im doing a school physics project on how a microwave oevn works and im going to go in to a fair bit of detail of all the electronic components like the high voltage transitor and the special light needed and all about the magnetors. so i was after a service manula on any moden microwave oven and i was also hopeing to find a explosion diagram of a microwave oven so any help at all about this assigmnent whould be great if you got any links to sevrice manuals that would be great to thanks alot in advance
  5. as I am cheap I bought a broken keyboard from el'cheapo's discount varity store for only dollars to the amount of three. I managed to fix the keyboard with a quick solder but the keyboard has an inherent flaw, being that the company which designed the keyboard, in it's infinite wisdom decided to make the black keys make the same noise as the white key next to it. I was wondering how I would go about rectifying this minor design flaw. basicaly it just wired up with a row of risitors and pressing the key just completes the circuit. depending on what key your press ajusts the total resistance. any assistance with this problem would be greatly apperciated. thanks spleblem
  6. hey guys is there any point to a zero ohm resistor :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ thanx spleblem
  7. hi you could try putting a small push off unpush on swith on the inside near the lid to when you lift the lid it turns on [move]spleblem[/move]
  8. hi yes the parralax boe is probally the best thing that you could buy to get started i want to be a mech eng when i leave school im studying physics but i been mucking round with electronics for years deafently buy the parralex boe i always wanted to buy it but now i now all about it and it would be boring for me now [move]spleblem[/move]
  9. what sort of display pannel are you tying to make
  10. hi all readers i have just made a doorbell with programable tunes using a picaxe 08 chip and im wondering if any one knows any other tunes than christmas tunes or how to change a tune in note for or maybe a program to change mp3 songs for the format that the picaxe 08 will exept thanx [move]spleblem[/move]
  11. yes i understand all that but i think if there was a area for component swap and just compnent swap it would be more clear to all users [move]spleblem[/move]
  12. but drawing the art in this program is much easier and quicker to use than most others. [move]spleblem[/move]
  13. but why cant there just be a new area made for swapping componets then i think heeps of people will use it [move]spleblem[/move]
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