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    joeydennis11 reacted to admin in LM3914 pspice library   
    Here are two SPICE models found online that will simulate the main IC functions including:- a) bar/dot mode selection, dot mode carry for cascaded ICs, c) resistor-programmed hi/lo reference voltages, d) output current selection, e) non-grounded V- and divider ladder, f) independent V+ and Vled, g) leakage current of outputs, h) segment overlap and i) supply current variation with V+ and Vref output load.
    This model is build by user "alec_t" at electro-tech-online.com forum.
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    joeydennis11 reacted to audioguru in LM3914 pspice library   
    Hi Maliki,
    National Semi doesn't have a spicy ( ;D) model for their LM3914.
    I looked on Google for Spice and then Pspice Model For LM3914 and found many people asking for a model too. One guy found a similar model to pspice online at a university.
    There are many French links. Parlez vous francais? Not me, and I hate Google's horrible translator. ;D
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    joeydennis11 reacted to Hero999 in Overload Protector A16 ???   
    It could be used as a switch, amplifier or (as you've said) part of a current limiting circuit.

    Bipolar transistors have so many applications that it's impossible to tell you what it's doing from what you've said. For example if I asked you "I've seen a flat head screw; what's it holding together?", how could you know the answer?

    If you post a picture I might be able to tell you but even then the only way is to post a schematic.
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    joeydennis11 reacted to tjolle62 in Overload Protector A16 ???   
    At last i got a theori from a totally different place and he wasn't shure either but
    he had a weak memory that it could be 1A16 and a PNP transistor but after several
    deep searches on the I-net it didn't make any kind of senses whatsoever  ???
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    joeydennis11 reacted to tjolle62 in Overload Protector A16 ???   
    In a few circuit diagrams i have they refer to a what seems to me is a transistor
    with B C E as a overload protector and with number A16 and i have looked for a few hours on the net and i can't find anything on this little fellow,
    Anyone knows what I'm looking for and wanna share that info Please ....

    Come on !! 48 visits !! some one must know what it is !!! PNP is it also...........
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    joeydennis11 reacted to audioguru in c828 transistor   
    It is probably an Oriental 2SC828 transistor. Go to www.datasheetarchive.com to see its spec's and to see substitution guides.
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    joeydennis11 reacted to eplanet in c828 transistor   
    hi friend
    i have audio amplifier made with 2 * C828.
    can you tell me which transistor use instead c828?
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