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  1. @chauat Hi there, why don't you just build your design and then share your experience with us. Cheers, Repairman
  2. @Shuhrat I read your post, but your PCB and schematic do not add up. I don't see your 5 MJ11032, D11, C7 etc. in your schematic. Do you have any photos of your actual build? If you have something useful to post and share, please make sure you post everything not just bits of a puzzle. Cheers, Repairman
  3. @mars Hi there, Look at Page 87 and 88 posts from Liquibyte and you will find PCB, schematic and gerber files to make a nice power supply that will work. How would I know you might ask. Glad you asked. I have had PCB's made from those gerber files and built a power supply. And it works well. Look here for my post: "electronics-lab.com/community/index.php?/topic/40835-0-30v-0-3a-latest-data/&page=2" All credit goes to member Liquibyte. Thanks a lot Liquibyte for making all files available. Many thanks also to those who were actively involved in this thread
  4. Hi Prithul, I believe the answer you are looking for is here: "http://electronics-lab.com/community/index.php?/topic/29563-0-30v-stabilized-power-supply/&page=84" audioguru: Post August 31, 2014 A bit more was mentioned on page 87 Please open a new thread if you want to find out more, as this thread is for completed projects. Thanks
  5. Hello fellow Hobbyist, Take a look at this post: 0-30V Stabilized Power Supply Page 88 posted October 6, 2014 "http://electronics-lab.com/community/index.php?/topic/29563-0-30v-stabilized-power-supply/&page=88" I left out the TIP141, D10 and R15 as per his description. In fact I have had made those PCB Liquibyte designed and built my Power Supply with success. See here: "electronics-lab.com/community/index.php?/topic/40835-0-30v-0-3a-latest-data/&page=2" I have plenty of those PCB left. If you are interested I only ask AUD$2.50 per
  6. @Jeremy You may have 2 PCB's for AU$5 plus shipping in an envelope. Two boards weigh about 44grams. Email me if you would like some to: weigenmann@mannix4mail.com Cheere, William PS. Seems your Kit has a problem to start with. Before I found this Forum I ordered two Banggood Kits. It is still not assembled and probably never will be. Anyway, over at this page there is a lengthy description on how to improve the Banggood kit. "www.paulvdiyblogs.net/2015/05/tuning-030v-dc-with-03a-psu-diy-kit.html"
  7. @Jeremy I have built a Power Supply according to Liquibyte post here: "electronics-lab.com/community/index.php?/topic/40835-0-30v-0-3a-latest-data/&page=2#comment-156499" I have had made PCB's from his gerber files he offered. The board has a size of 67x100mm. If you want one or more board leave a message here. Regards, William
  8. Hello fellows, Thanks for for your input in that matter. @HarryA - I have to agree, they are very cheap these days. I did buy a Gophert CPS-3205 last year. @Admin - Thanks for the link. I came across this one also as I happen to have 2 of those DIY Banggood boards. When I started off with Electronics again after some 40 years I felt a bit overwhelmed by Paul's mods. So, after having built one myself just recently, see in Projects Q/A - 0-30V 0-3A Latest Data, I feel more confident. Maybe I give it a go. @HarryA - That 30V 10A offer is a bit miss leading. There are three opt
  9. Thanks HarryA, I did look around the forum already. I did actually build one member liquibyte did as he provided gerber files. So I had PCB's made. It is working, was just wondering if there might be anything better out there.
  10. Hi All, Does anyone have schematic, PCB layout of a modern day Power Supply? Regards, William
  11. Hi all, Finally after some months have gone by, my build of the Power Supply is done. I have used liquibyte schematic Rev. 8 and had made the cirquit board according to the Gerber.zip file he posted here: 0-30V Stabilized Power Supply Page 88 posted October 6, 2014 "http://electronics-lab.com/community/index.php?/topic/29563-0-30v-stabilized-power-supply/&page=88" I left out D10 and R15 as per his description. I have plenty of boards leftover if someone has a need for it. There was only one mistake liquibyte made which have outlined in one of the pictures
  12. Hello all, A lot of reading here and much more to learn. Also have the Banggood power supply board, still in the bag though - will likely stay there. Have ordered PCB's at Elecrow from Gerber files provided by Liquibyte. So, thank you very much Liquibyte. 10PCB + shipping = US$ 18.50 that is about AUS$ 25.00 Since I have a 24V Toroidal already I will have to settle for a 25V 3A power supply. That is fine for me as it is more important to build it. Thanks to all here. Regards, William
  13. Hi all, I am interested in Guest elboa8 power supply. Is there a PCB available ready to be printed? Thanks for any help. Regards, William
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