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    Soldertraining got a reaction from gztoppower in Power supply   
    A power supply is an electronic device which supplies electric energy to an electrical load. Can anyone tell me what is the minimum power required 1 ton AC.
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    Soldertraining got a reaction from soldertools1 in clipping circuit   
    The clipping circuit does not have energy storage elements like capacitors but it includes both resistors and transistors. This circuit is normally used for the selection in the transmission purpose. The ability of diodes to allow the flow of current in only one direction. A diode is best tested by measuring the voltage drop across the diode when it is forward-biased. A forward-biased diode acts as a closed switch, permitting current to flow. No voltage exists at the diode but voltage may be present in the circuit due to charged capacitors.
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    Soldertraining got a reaction from davidjackson in PCBWay vs OSH Park vs Smart Prototyping   
    In PCBWay, the boards are good quality and pricing is great while OSH Park is an aggregator. They collect your board files and panelize them with others to get a good price. And in case of Smart-Prototyping, especially their PCBA services. Their service is very affordable.
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    Soldertraining got a reaction from hugomulls in high value blue color capacitor   
    The colors of capacitors describe the types of capacitors. The color used to identify the components or parts on the circuit board. The round blue colored balls with dots indicate that its a capacitor. Same as other colors are used for other components.
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    Soldertraining reacted to youth in PCB manufactureres   
    I use WellPCB quite a bit. They aren't the cheapest, but the quality is superb, they may offer features and service you might need.
    If it's only a single board or two I tend to make them myself.

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    Soldertraining reacted to rrp0727 in PCB manufactureres   
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    Soldertraining got a reaction from rrp0727 in PCB manufactureres   
    PCB Manufacturer uses:
    Front-end tool data preparation, Preparing the photo tools, Print inner layers, Etch inner layers, Register punch and Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), Lay-up and bond, Drilling the PCB, Electroless copper deposition, Image the outer layers, Plating, Apply solder mask, Silk-screen and cure.
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