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  1. Circuit Diagram is given below: The circuit diagram of a three channel LED driver circuit using MAX7219 is shown below (Fig 1). C4 is an input filter capacitor. R1 is the resistor used for programming the output current. C3 is the output filter capacitor. C1 and C2 are the storage capacitors of the internal charge pump circuit. A logic high at pin 5 will enable the IC and a logic low on the same pin will drive the IC into shutdown mode. In the shutdown mode, the quiescent current is almost equal to zero. With the used value of R1, the LED current per channel will be 25mA. When
  2. Good afternoon~all Please help me out. As the LP3856’s datasheet shows,the inputted current is 3.3V,the outputted current is 1.8V,the referring voltage is 1.216V,. What should I consider about when in the design process? Can I use LP3856 here ? Wishes~
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