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  1. I just wanted to share how I solved a problem with burning the bootloader to some new Atmega328P chips I bought from Digikey. I've been having no problem burning sketches to ATtiny84 chips, but was confused on why I kept getting no response from the 328Ps. Double checked the wiring a dozen times. Finally found this excellent web page, with helpful step by step instructions and useful arduino programs, including a self-contained boot loader . The trouble was the fuses had been set to require an external clock, which I fixed, as instructed, by using a clock signal from pin 9. In case anyone else has this trouble.
  2. I got my stm32 board recently, and become very exciting to try it. But when I setting up development environment, it just make me sad. For STM32 there is no official IDE, I have to chose between third party IDEs. However, they either asking for hundreds of dollars, or not fully works, or looks they are developed for windows 3.1, or just all of above. Few IDEs are based on eclipse, but all of them even not support my STM32F7 board from ST it's self. WTH??? For the MDK (Keil), yes, everything is works, but the GUI is just terrible, I don't mind it looks ugly but at least it should provide a theme feature or able to switch to darker color other than black and white. After half hour coding, I look to the wall and also be able to see my code there (AFK debug feature? lol). In recent version they finally supported auto completion, but it just works some time. For VS2017+VisualGDB, VS2017 is great but VisualGDB only can compile and download, when I lunch debug VS says fail to attach gdb. Currently, I write Makefile manually and managed to make it work, but I don't thing this whole pain is the a** experience is reasonable in 2017. Before, I was using Atmel AVRs with their Atmel Studio, everything just works without any issue and not extra configuration required. Even for Microchip PICs, the MPLAB-X only works sometime, but at least I can get the job done without make me blind and don't asking for hundreds of dollars. BTW, Is there a better solution available?
  3. For the life of me I can't seem to get any kind of response out of this DS18B20 1-Wire temperature sensor on my D1 mini V2! I've also just attempted a 1-Wire bus search using the example code in the OneWire library and it finds nothing. I know the sensor works because it works just fine on my Raspberry Pi which I just tested. This sensor is the version on a tiny PCB with what appears to be a 1k ohm pullup resistor. Any ideas? Here is the DS18B20 date sheet
  4. About EPCS4SI8N datesheet, is it right? which one is right?
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