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  1. yes, the meter that is really good is called LCM3. google it, I really like it, as it reads both capacitance and esr at the same time in circuit ,most of the time.
  2. yes, the meter worked fine. I have built many esr meters, both analog and digital.
  3. hello forum members, I have the above cap checker that's having a problem. i'am trying to set the leakage currents for the three different type capacitors. the Electrolytic position can be set to 2ma. the min electrolytic and non-electro, needs to be set to 15ua and 2ua respectively. the eye tube will not close in any position of the adj pots. I changed the two main electrolytics and the 6BN8 tube to no avail. need help please.
  4. yo mike, where are you?
  5. hi all, just joined the forum. my name is pete and I live in s. florida. i'am a retired electronics field service tech for Philips . I built an l/c meter I found on an web site. its called LCM3. it works very well. I have some questions about the ESR in circuit measurements. there is a probe that you construct for this purpose. how do you calibrate the meter with this probe in place? should the meter display both the capacitance and the esr value? I burned the pic with Ver.1.25. does this code implement in circuit measurement or do you have to use Ver.1.35? the article for this meter can be found here: [email protected] p.s. i'am in the process of building Mike's version of this meter.
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