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  1. I also use it They have a good price and good quality.
  2. I ordered my first PCBs from www.jlcpcb.com last week, and I am very impressed. I usually get my PCBs from seeedstudio ..... but now it will be JLCPCB. It's my firist order. Unimaginably, my first order , shipping ,free !!!! Just cost $2 !!!! Can't unbelive this. I order the senond, shipping ,display $18 to Candan. The customer service told me: free shipping just for first order. Here is quick review, in point form; · Great web site and is update. Can actually see PCB manufacture process of order, tracking, design, etc.. everything is in one place. Nice. · 5 days to arrive at my door, from time of order. I am in Candan.· PCBs packed very well. · Silks screen is very detailed and 'fine' · Price is the cheapest... · Shipping is with DHL, which i like. I like red I have a new try and choose a red mask. I like red, it’s bold and eye-catching. Green with white silkscreen.green is probably the best of all the available colours in practical terms. Below boards from JLCPCB. They were all cut perfectly to size, all perfectly etched and drilled, tinned. Inspection of fine traces on the board for defects is best done with some form of magnification. Electrically, the SIMM tested fine.
  3. OSH park ,is older make.. i think OSH park pcb quality is good. I have never order from pcbway, but i want to have a try, by the way , i know a cheapest company jlcpcb ,it has a really good price, 2layer just cost $2, the quality is also fine.
  4. Recently, i found a company called jlcpcb. It’s very cheap, 10pcs boards. 1.2mm thick, 1-OZ copper, 6/6-mil outer (0.1525mm) just cost $2. Cheap price and lots of options regarding board thickness, colour, etc. None of my boards have ever had a manufacturing issue. I think there are no difference with i bought from others. Shipping time (dhl)lasts 3 days.
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