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  1. I know how to set the welder, Thats not what im asking for help with, but thanks for the input .
  2. Hi Guys, Im looking at adding a delay timer to my mig welder, ( new welders come with this) I need it to be adjustable in sec, on for 1-10 sec and off for 1-2 sec, I would like it to work with the trigger on my welder. I see all kind of delay timers on ebay but not sure witch one would work, I would like one with dials just for easy adjustability but not necessary . I would put a switch in between the timer so i could have the welder in normal mode and switch it to stitch welding (timer mode) .The welder is 220v but if i cant fined a timer that works with 220v i can just run a different power supply for the timer. Thanks for your time and help. G
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