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  1. Thanks for the reply and the advise. You make good point to switch transformer windings based on output. I didn't consider the current mode.
  2. Hi everyone. I've built one of the early 3A versions of this project several years ago. Its has worked very well after making the upgrades recommended by Liquibyte and audioguru (Thanks very much). I am planning to build a 5A version with a few additions of my own. I have added an arduino NANO which will measure and display AMPS and VOLTS, a cooling fan control which uses 2 CPU fans and heatsinks to cool output transistors, a bar graph display for current limit setting, buzzer for current limit warning and a relay to enable/disable power supply output. Using the output relay avoids needing the soft start delay to avoid the output transients and can disable outputs with press of a button. I've attached schematics of my current version for anyone interested. After seeing design by Imester using 2 transformers to step up or down the output voltage, I would like to integrate something similar into my design using 2 12V center tapped transformers instead of a single 24V. Could easily use arduino and relays to control which transformer secondary windings to use depending on Volt Adj pot setting. Does the opamps need their own separate supply voltage for this to work properly or could it simply use Vin as it does now? Any ideas and suggestions for a dual transformer setup or the overall design are welcome. power supply 30V 5A v5 page2.pdf power supply 30V 5A v5.pdf
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