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  1. Kumar, Welcome to this forum. The circuit should work the way it is shown in the data sheet. Are you using a hefty stepper motor? What voltage are you supplying to it? You say the IC gets hot, are the motor running or not?
  2. trigger, Ok, boot from CD-Rom then
  3. Any low ESR cap will do the job. As I think you know a capacitor resists any change in voltage, so does any other component with a capacitance. This is what makes a voltage change require high current. The driver (ICL7667) will consume high current to switch the mosfets in and out rapidly. A low ESR capacitor is capable of supplying high current with short notice a little better than a standard cap. The regulator will get a beat when the supply is turned on at first but they can take a good punch so not to worry. No diode is needed, L1 will take a part of the beat at startup but remember the current rating for this one also. I don
  4. Imaging a forklift battery 80V and 700Ah this is a 1700kg battery, I have heard one blow (in a distance) and seen the remains. Scary thing! :o :o :o
  5. maddy, Does the camera draw 800mA or is this the capacity of your battery?
  6. Emiliano, How much exactly is incredible ripple? And under which conditions? What value have you chosen for C1? What is the voltage over C1 at maximun power 25VDC x 3.10amp? Are you sure it is ripple you are measuring?
  7. trigger, Where are your safety start floppy disks?
  8. Mike, Well, then I guess it
  9. Dig, Welcome to this forum. Eagle is good for schematics and pcb design: http://www.cadsoft.de/ and it
  10. Tubby, It's many years since I messed around with tubes, and I have never made any transmitters using tubes. I have serviced some Hagstrom and Marshall amps and I once built an FM stereo receiver-amplifier in the early seventies. Where on the tubetester-scale is
  11. Dazza, The dropout voltage for a standard regulator is 2Volts. A 78S09 (the S is a 2A regulator- the ICL7667 require this) regulator will work down to 11Volts but no less. This is fine for a 12Volts system, but when switching to a 24Volts system, which can be as high as 28.5V suddenly, the 78S09 will dissipate almost 40Watts (worst case). That
  12. Audioguru, Questions: Which characteristics to look for when hunting for mosfets besides cheap? ;D The FDP7030L have very low RDSon and can handle 30A (300A pulse) 125W and so on, what do you think is the draw backs? What exactly do you mean,
  13. Audioguru, OK, low component count is good. I only put them there since I found them on some app sheet that many years ago where they where said to protect the mosfets (BUK416). If you say they are not good for this circuit, so be it. One question: isn
  14. Trigger, I think you just give up to easy! Suraj, I am very happy with Norton but I never use NTFS, it is too much pain when shearing files.
  15. Dazza, I am sorry, but it is not possible to add voltages like that. The output will only supply about 8.4 Volts (the highest voltage
  16. Rhonn, I use Norton System Works and it has not failed me yet! But i run W2kP so I don't know how it will perform with XP.
  17. Alexander, Welcome to this forum. It
  18. Well, as far as I can see the pin numbers matches on the op-amps. C1, C2, L1 is a protective filter which is supposed to
  19. Hi enzo, Welcome to this forum. Here is a good description : http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/books/socratic/output/opamp4.pdf This is in German I hope it make sense to you. http://www.elektronik-kompendium.de/public/schaerer/opaschm.htm This can be helpful : http://www.elektronik-kompendium.de/public/schaerer/opaschm.htm
  20. Dazza, you could try an LM317 regulator (caution: the legs are not the same as the 78XX) and some resistors to get just below 8volts. The FDP7030 is worth a try.
  21. Audioguru, Do you have the type # for those
  22. Steven, Those caps are lethal for a long time after the mains is cut off !
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