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  1. Hi Steven, Have you any of those strobe beacon circuits in your
  2. This is what I have: 74ALS00, 74AS00, 74HC00, 74HCT00, 74LS00, 74S00 and 74STD00. 74ALS02, 74AS02, 74HC02, 74HCT02, 74LS02, 74S02 and 74STD02. 74ALS04, 74AS04, 74HC04, 74HCT04, 74LS04, 74S04 and 74STD04. The 4001 and 4069 is the same as the 4011, it has hidden vcc and vss pins?! Maybe I have to read the manual ;D, there must be some way to feed these IC:s.
  3. It looks like you need a lot of spare time for this my friend. I feel there is a wide area you have to explore to even start optimising the different components of such a system. Hang in there and don
  4. Dazza, There sure is a lot to consider in a project like this. A tight budget has always hassled the great inventors so don
  5. Electropank, Is it for your video camera or your Winchester?
  6. Audioguru, The mosquitos have much better hearing than you and I so there is no need for 120db for them to hear it. ;D ;D
  7. Hi Audioguru, I see no problem with an analogue peak detector, I am not sure what you mean? I have built several chargers with peak detection and never had any problem not even when charging different number of cells with the same charger. Her is one I have built a long time ago as an example.
  8. Audioguru, I tried it in ISIS, no go! Dead in the water! Q1 is open all the time and the motor runs full speed. No pulse just a strait line on the scope.
  9. Beer and wine is ok here too but none of the strong stuff. It
  10. Good to know that you are OK. Smart priority, schoolbooks before play! ;D ;D
  11. Hi Guys. Why not build an analogue peak detector and let the microP get the signal when reached?
  12. Being a Swede I drive the only Swedish car left since Volvo became Ford, and even this (Saab) is now 50% not Swedish (GM). It runs fairly cheap 100km/8L but water is cheaper. Is it legal to make your own booze in Queensland? I live close to Germany and Denmark so I don
  13. Hi kids, BUZ355 = BUZ357, 2SK695, 2SK727. V-MOS 800V 6A 125W 155/720nS
  14. Dido, I sound to me like you should wear a rubber suit, heavy gloves, respirator and safety goggles for this job! The liquid in an old battery is not what I would call environmentally correct, you should stay away from it. Have you tried to heat the FeCl3 to about 50 C, this will speed up the process quite a bit. I recommend the goggles and a well-ventilated room (outdoors is the best) to any of the etching fluids. Take Care!
  15. Just a thought about timer cut-off: If a cell in a pack goes bad or the pack is not completely empty the timer is not good enough. Peak detect and then thermal cut-off if anything goes wrong is by experience the safest way 8).
  16. I use ISIS, how about you?
  17. I had to ask, you never know! ;D A tachometer is really a frequency meter, did you think about that?
  18. I live in Sweden, the fuel price here converted to AU$ 1.90 to 2.10 / litre (regular / super) so by Christmas time it will be fair then. ;D We are not allowed to modify anything that can compromise the emission rules. Every vehicle must annually pass an (AU$ 60) inspection (government controlled) were all safety issues and emissions are checked. If they find any diversion from manufacturers specs you have to come back within 30 days with the problems fixed (and pay again a little less) or if it
  19. black_wing Almost every component manufacturer makes them and there are hundreds of them! I suggest you search for op-amp on google or specify more exactly what you need to know.
  20. B&M, I noticed that you
  21. dkilshaw, That would not be too hard to accomplish and should work fine I think.
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