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  1. Rhonn, A high quality well maintained lead acid battery is not dangerous, but if it is not and it explodes the sharp edged plastic debris and the acid flying around is! http://www.msha.gov/Accident_Prevention/Tips/battery.htm Take Care ;D Ante ::)
  2. Trafo, If you could remember a part of the name of the Siemens device maybe I could be found. Ante ::)
  3. 2SC867 TRANSISTOR SILICON [glow=red,2,300]NPN[/glow] / 400V / 1A / 23W / 8MHz 2SC 867A TRANSISTOR SILICON [glow=red,2,300]NPN[/glow] / 520V / 3A / 48W / 8MHz 2SC2827 TRANSISTOR SILICON [glow=red,2,300]NPN[/glow] / 400V / 6A / 50W / 20MHz 2SD326 TRANSISTOR SILICON [glow=red,2,300]NPN[/glow] / 250V / 1A / 17W / 6.5MHz
  4. Trafo, Welcome to this forum. Is it a Solid State Relay you are looking for or just an IC? Ante ::)
  5. Bikerman, What would you need more than 60Volts for? :o Ante ::)
  6. Rhonn, I would not accept a leaky battery. The build-up of these acid crystals, which can lead to failure and even arcing and explosion, is not acceptable. If at the time of a high current pulse the clip is almost eaten through by the acid, the clip will burn off causing a spark. A battery under charge is constantly emitting hydrogen (NO SMOKING) that is explosive and disaster strikes 8). You can perform a capacity test on the battery to determine if it is within the specs. At least I think you should perform one near the end of the warranty time. I presume a 150Ah battery is quite expensive where you live, it
  7. Greg, So, you are in two topics with this one? Presuming the supply worked for a short time before the
  8. Bikerman, Well that would be nice to have both of them on the bench. ;D I can
  9. Darrin, Yes the low frequency enables the circuit to
  10. Rhonn, If Sweep means time / div (5.00mS) it
  11. Greg, It looks like U9 / U1 is a switching pre-regulator, the setup maintains the voltagedrop over Q9 to minimize the heat. Do this part work allright? C5 has an unusual symbol but I think you can replace it with a standard but low ESR cap, if it
  12. Greg, It seems like a strange way to reduce the voltage that much. There can
  13. Bikerman, I think it will work fine. So, have you decided which one to build then? Ante ::)
  14. Greg, The SG3524 chip is rated 8 to 40 Volts and you have 65VDC on the inputs. How is the voltage reduced and is the internal 5V ref used by the circuit? A schematic would be very helpful. Ante ::)
  15. Greg, Welcome to this forum. No schematic I guess? Have you checked the pcb, where this cap is connected to determine + and
  16. Darrin, I believe you are right, the PWM is the way to go. However it must be with a very low frequency to suit this application, something like 0.1
  17. Bikerman, Do you know if MJE4502 and MJ4502 are the same? I can
  18. Bikerman, If you decide to go for the dual supply here is some additional info: http://www.a-and-t-labs.com/K2_Lab_Power_Supply/index.htm You can buy a transformer for $75 if you like to have it all in one. Have you found any source for the LM317HV (TO3) or the MJ 15023? Ante ::)
  19. Shekhar, A touch screen is a completely different thing. The micro switch as we discussed it here is much too big and expensive for applications like that. Ante ::)
  20. Bikerman, I was in Denmark on Thursday so I had to get some Danish money, the exchange rate is 1.25sek for 1dkr. I purchased some Carlsbergs, nice to have a stock if the whether gets warmer (or even if it gets colder who cares) ;D. So, you are going to build this power supply then? Ante ::)
  21. Omelia, Welcome to this forum. It sounds like a strange device, can you explain a little more? God
  22. Bikerman, Dear neighbour, here you can buy the Mosfets in Denmark ;D. http://www.elfa.se/elfa/produkter/en/2458.htm They are not very expensive; they are cheaper than the 9540. I think you can get away with 8 of them if well cooled. 8) Ante ::)
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