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  1. Fibre optics is also used to control IGBT
  2. A 4-way which looks just like a standard toggle on top is not easy. Unless you could see some markings to identify an old one its hard to find. Here are a few examples to look at. This is a (normal) small one: http://www.etisystems.com/j1.asp Here is a really small one!: http://www.smk.co.jp/product_e/pdf/switch/ESF292106.pdf A few more: http://www.suregripcontrols.com/PDF/550.0042-Micro%20Joystick%20Specifications.pdf I Sverige: http://www.jelu.se/shop/product_info.php?products_id=93 Hoppas att du hittar en bra! ;D
  3. Most likely this is a switching sensor not a linear one! Sensonic?
  4. Hard work typing in books in Babble-fish I think! :P Some translator software could work but not for scanned books I am afraid! :-\
  5. Hi Doc, I agree, this is an absolute goldmine, if you know Russian! I browsed trough the books and magazines to find a bunch of EPE magazine in English but nothing else! I found many interesting books but in Russian which is too bad! Perhaps I need help to navigate to the 80% of the titles which are in English? :-\ The links inside the site are all in Russian so I might have missed the right one!
  6. My car has a 1.7kW alternator but I am sure you could find larger than that so I don’t think there would be any problems. At least not at engine rpms greater than 3000!
  7. I don’t believe it’s possible to change the wavelength and the problem is most likely that these are to narrow banded to communicate. Try to hook up a scope to see if there are any changes in voltage at all.
  8. The LMH6672 can provide 200mA.
  9. You need to have the oil inside the injectors heated too, or the engine won’t start! The system described by Ldanielrosa will work fine but do not forget to switch over to diesel again some time before you stop the engine!
  10. Your problem might be some virus, mal-ware or spy-ware. Update your antivirus software, scan your computer and also try Ad Aware to get rid of any malicious files. Firefox will not cure this problem!
  11. Not easy to help someone based on that question! Only God can do that!
  12. Hi, You can buy a copy here for $1 ! http://www.amazon.com/Introductory-Electronic-Devices-Circuits-Paynter/dp/013235912X
  13. Hi, Is there a legal demo version to be downloaded somewhere incase somebody is against using illegal copy’s of software?
  14. Perhaps you have to reinforce the charger circuit to cope with the larger capacity battery too! Do you have access to a schematic diagram for your UPS?
  15. Hi AG, This is all in the wrong board because as soon as you divert from the original circuit it’s not a “Projects Q&A” anymore! See this: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=5433.0 mp, The use of a regulator disqualifies the project from this board doesn’t it? Hope this is valid for everybody!
  16. MP, What rating for the pots do you recommend for R3 and R4 to be able to set them at zero ohms in the car battery circuit when S1 is closed?
  17. That’s a really badly engineered circuit! :o And why it’s published is a very good question!
  18. There are millions of different models, sizes and voltages! Prizes from 50c to several thousands of $! GOOGLE it!
  19. Datasheets which can be downloaded from manufacturers websites may of curse be ditributed! But, a service manual which sells for money is not allowed to be copied and distributed!
  20. Hi hunt, It’s never a good idea to drain the batterys completely, this should always be avoided. Even down to 20% is somewhat low in my book, I prefer 40% minimum for a long healthy life of the batterys. If they are discharged completely (by accident) it’s very important to get them fully charged ASAP. Never leave a battery partially discharged if possible, sulphate will form rapidly. Of curse you should always consult the datasheets from the manufacturer. A “smart charger” is a great thing when used the correct way.
  21. Hi Edge, You like to increase the amplitude of the pulses form 5mV to 24V to interface with a PLC, right?
  22. You might want to try the LM2577-ADJ after all? http://www.rose-hulman.edu/~herniter/Data_Sheets/LM2577.pdf
  23. Why not put one motor on each back wheel and let the front wheel swivel? This way it’s very simple to steer the thing!
  24. We don’t know the data for your meter but what would happen if you increase the value of the capacitor even more?
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