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  1. A 4-way which looks just like a standard toggle on top is not easy. Unless you could see some markings to identify an old one its hard to find. Here are a few examples to look at.

    This is a (normal) small one: http://www.etisystems.com/j1.asp

    Here is a really small one!: http://www.smk.co.jp/product_e/pdf/switch/ESF292106.pdf

    A few more:
    I Sverige:

    Hoppas att du hittar en bra!  ;D

  2. Hi Doc,

    I agree, this is an absolute goldmine, if you know Russian! I browsed trough the books and magazines to find a bunch of EPE magazine in English but nothing else! I found many interesting books but in Russian which is too bad! Perhaps I need help to navigate to the 80% of the titles which are in English? :-\  The links inside the site are all in Russian so I might have missed the right one!

  3. Hi AG,

    This is all in the wrong board because as soon as you divert from the original circuit it’s not a “Projects Q&A” anymore!
    See this: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=5433.0

    The use of a regulator disqualifies the project from this board doesn’t it?

    Hope this is valid for everybody!

  4. Hi hunt,

    It’s never a good idea to drain the batterys completely, this should always be avoided. Even down to 20% is somewhat low in my book, I prefer 40% minimum for a long healthy life of the batterys. If they are discharged completely (by accident) it’s very important to get them fully charged ASAP. Never leave a battery partially discharged if possible, sulphate will form rapidly. Of curse you should always consult the datasheets from the manufacturer. A “smart charger” is a great thing when used the correct way.

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