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  1. Bikerman, I was in Denmark on Thursday so I had to get some Danish money, the exchange rate is 1.25sek for 1dkr. I purchased some Carlsbergs, nice to have a stock if the whether gets warmer (or even if it gets colder who cares) ;D. So, you are going to build this power supply then? Ante ::)
  2. Omelia, Welcome to this forum. It sounds like a strange device, can you explain a little more? God
  3. Bikerman, Dear neighbour, here you can buy the Mosfets in Denmark ;D. http://www.elfa.se/elfa/produkter/en/2458.htm They are not very expensive; they are cheaper than the 9540. I think you can get away with 8 of them if well cooled. 8) Ante ::)
  4. Vainajala, When paralleling lots of transistors on a common heatsink I usually don
  5. Quantum, No, sorry. :'( Did you get a peek before it was shut down? Ante ::)
  6. Quantum, A wild guess! I knew there is someone 14 years old. Close! Ante ::)
  7. Vainajala, I am sure it will work with 45Volts if slightly modified. And the Mosfets must not be attached to the pcb or what do you think? Ante ::)
  8. Darrin, This last circuit and diagram is really interesting, I can
  9. Kevin, It sure is a good help for determining pulses and such. I think $150 is OK for this scope. How hot is very hot and what is the source of the heat (power supply)? The GND switch just grounds the input as far as I know. It looks good but what
  10. Hi All, This subject has been discussed in the forum some time ago. I don Transformers-Determining_voltage__current_ratings_if_unmarked.pdf
  11. Hi All, Another power supply that looks interesting. Comments are welcome. Ante ::)
  12. wasssup, This is a bit more effective than a fan! http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/20031230/ Now tell me you have 4.16G with a fan! ;D ;D ;D Ante ::)
  13. Kain, I have never disassembled a toroid ;D and often there is an airgap on the old types that is enough to put on a few turns. The wire needed for this kind of low current is only a very thin insulated one and not many turns are required. The PCB transformers that are moulded are of curse out of the question. Ante ::)
  14. quantum, 12 ? Ante ::)
  15. Rhonn, This is reason for a warranty claim. I would return it and ask for a full refund. Ante ::)
  16. Wasssup, Must be a good fan, I have seen 3.6G from a 2.4G but with liquid nitrogen cooling! Ante ::)
  17. quantum, This is a good place to start: http://www.thunting.com/cgi-bin/geotech/pages/common/index.pl?page=main&file=main.dat Ante ::)
  18. Darrin, Good to know, You are welcome ;D! Ante ::)
  19. Dazza, I usually put on some turns of wire on top of the transformers winding to create a separate supply (or two). This solution takes some experimentation and it is not all transformers that have room for this extra winding. Ante ::)
  20. Quantum, This site has some very interesting experiments illustrated in pics and video clips :o that covers this topic! http://www.voltsamps.com/pages/projects/index.php?cat=ER Ante ::)
  21. Darrin, I tested the circuit in Isis and it seems to work fine. The pulse width is variable from 0 to 100% by varying the voltage at pin 5 from ground to supply voltage. Ante
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