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  1. Hi All, Handheld scanner Realistic PRO-37 circuit diagram and/or service manual needed! The scanner loses all channels when the battery pack is removed even for one second. I can
  2. Hi Mark, Welcome to this community. Is it standard to have 12 Volts in a truck where you live? In Europe most trucks have 24 Volts at least if they are bigger than 3.5 tons. I have a couple of questions about your radio system: How much current is needed to supply the
  3. mbedford, All I can say is a stepper is very quick, much quicker than the power window motor! So don
  4. Hi Rhonn, Do you know if the schematic you have used is updated, there have been some issues and a couple of errors if I remember correctly? Ante ::)
  5. Rhonn, You know Eagle I suppose, I have just installed it and I can
  6. John, I need the exact data sheet, in the circuit there is only 300V available and the replacements data says voltage operating range 450
  7. MP, With a stepper linked to the throttle the carburettor return-spring will shut the barrels in case of a power-loss or on emergency stop. And I can see even more advantages with the stepper! It will reduce component count and size. Brilliant, why didn
  8. audioguru, A cruise control is an entirely different thing. The cruise control is related to speed this is not. This is what
  9. Mbedford, It sounds like a job for a PIC or an AVR, unfortunately it
  10. AJB2K3, The LM 338 will be one possible way to go! http://www1.jaycar.com.au/images_uploaded/LM138.PDF Ante ::)
  11. Capricious, Well, Ohm:s law apply on every component in a circuit. The voltage drop over the 2N3055 * current (Ampere) is the power loss. If you like you could say that you burn off the difference. The lower the output voltage is the higher the loss (at the same current). If you have say 34Volts to the 2N3055 and 5Volts output at 2.5A the heat produced is 72.5W (That
  12. Check this one. http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/audio/index.html Here is some amplifires to take a look at. Ante ::)
  13. quantum, You can buy a LED that blinking, this is the easy way. ;D Ante ::)
  14. Capricious, The 13.8V psu have less voltage difference between the rectifier and the output than this variable one. To calculate the power burning off to heat (rectifier Voltage
  15. vainajala, Yes you have to arrange the supply and the TTL level for the input to use these drivers. The IRF9540N is a P-channel and it will work whit the MAX627. There are other MOSFET drivers out there just search for
  16. Fatoota, http://engineering.dartmouth.edu/~engs031/databook/sn74ls174.pdf http://www.learn-c.com/74ls244.pdf http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/LM/LM7805.pdf But the last one I don't know, how does it look, what kind of capsule is it? Ante ::)
  17. Capricious, The 200 deg.C apply inside (junction) not the surface of the capsule, when it reaches 200 deg.C outside it
  18. ginji, If it is external and for protection of your computer you can use almost any opto with the right voltage. Ante ::)
  19. Vainajala, To get a better efficiency try to use a MOSFET driver as I suggested earlier the MAX 626/627 or similar. This circuit will assure that the MOSFET:s switches on and of properly. Ante ::)
  20. mbedford, Welcome to this community. I would use the power window motor for this
  21. This was the same as I found on Google, Thanks anyway John. Ante
  22. Ginji, Are you sure it is broken? This is a component that does not break down under normal conditions. Ante
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