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  1. vainajala, I have Proteus but no model for the TL 494. :( Ante ::)
  2. Vainajala, Can you simulate it ? Ante ::)
  3. vainajala, They will have a very short life with 2A, a few seconds perhaps! It better not happen with the most expensive LED:s. :o Ante ::)
  4. CWT, Try this! http://pdfserv.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/MAX220-MAX249.pdf Ante ::)
  5. vainajala, Then I would change the TIP 32A for a MJ 4502 or similar. The inductor and diode should be higher rated (10A+) and the voltage and current feedback resistors changed to give you the desired output. A bit larger caps is necessary and remember heavy wiring for the input / output path. Ante ::)
  6. John, Why is the thread closed? Is there any difference between them? Ante ::)
  7. New, Here is an article by the respected Robert Penfold. This is not exactly what you asked for but I think it 0799g.pdf
  8. MP, Thanks for your input I see what you mean. Could this be an accurate instrument do you think? Ante ::)
  9. vainajala, Welcome to this community. When rectifying and filtering 32VAC you end up with about 50VDC and this is to much for the TL494. Ante ::)
  10. Rhonn, That is an ENORMOUS site! Thanks for sharing mate ! Ante ::)
  11. Rhonn, Have you found any good tutors on the web for Proteus? I have the original manual but it
  12. Rhonn, The voltage at the bases can be adjusted between 6.5 to 11.5 volts if my calculations are right. The voltage at the collectors is about 25V, does this make any sense to you? The output will not charge a 12V battery, or am I missing something? Ante ::)
  13. audioguru, This will be a long answer. I sometimes get the feeling that you don
  14. MP, Rhonn, Well the first thing that strikes me is what happens if you connect a battery that
  15. Try this http://www.sonsivri.com/forum/default.asp Ante ::)
  16. Some more info on ballast: http://www.irf.com/technical-info/appnotes/an-998.pdf http://www.irf.com/technical-info/designtp/irpllnr1.pdf http://www.irf.com/technical-info/designtp/irplcfl1.pdf http://www.irf.com/technical-info/appnotes/an-995a.pdf Ante ::)
  17. Here it is on the original page, there are lots of good stuff here! http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/electricCircuits/index.htm Ante ::)
  18. All, I use Proteus ISIS and ARES but I have not tried the PCB part of it yet. I do my schematics and simulations in it and it works great. Is here anyone with some experience form this software? Ante ::)
  19. Rhonn, The important things to check is the voltage, it should not exceed 13.8 V for trickle charge. And every two or three week
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