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  1. stuee, I know there is an adaptor available for fitting a 2.5-inch on a 3.5-inch connection but I haven
  2. I found some interesting freeware on this page: http://www.dazyweblabs.com/shannonsoft/page3.html Ante ::)
  3. Rhonn, It's a very low current charger, which will spare the battery (which is good) but. Question is: will the current be high enough to fully charge a battery with much lower internal resistance? You have to monitor the charging over time to se if it reaches 13.2 to 13.5 Volts. Ante ::)
  4. Perfect for pirate copying! :o Ante ::)
  5. stuee, The problem is that 2.5 only uses 5V but the 3.5 uses 5V and 12V. The other way around is easy (3.5 to 2.5) but I don
  6. John, Yes, the car body is good ground but it
  7. Rhonn, How many Ah where the old batterys? Ante ::)
  8. audioguru, I am pleased to hear that you are trying a new method when developing circuits. Ante ::)
  9. Rhonn, It's a lot easier to fit an extra p-port in one of the PCI slots. They are very cheap and reliable and configures itself. Ante ::)
  10. FizzGiGG, They will not make any friends that way for sure! Maybe one can pose as a company and require a sample this is known to work sometimes. You have to get a proper e-mail address and give out your postbox # but it can work! Anyway if you find something more, please let me know. Anyone else got a clue ? ??? Ante ::)
  11. Kevin, The circuit have a fixed frequency and a variable pulswidth from 0 to 100%. Ante ::)
  12. Kevin, Do you know if this could be possible to simulate, maybe with some software. I think it could be interesting if it was possible. But software like that exist probably only at NASA or some ware in Silicon Valley. Ante ::)
  13. Kevin, This is as simple as it gets I think. Ante ::)
  14. Kevin, A 5-layer device? A diode and a Zener, how do you mean
  15. Kevin, In which range do you expect the hfe to be? Ante ::)
  16. Kevin, What kind of operation do you want to do by
  17. audioguru, Thats why "150ohm in series whit [glow=red,2,300]each[/glow] LED. Ante ::)
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