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  1. That’s right; why bother? Copyright is all the same if you post a copy of a magazine, an E-book or a service manual and this is because someone loses money for each copy not sold! This is not a question about altering or changing the copyrighted stuff but making copies of it. Otherwise it would be OK to have a copy of windows or any application in your computer as long as you don’t change them!
  2. The 12V supply was fine, only the output from the inverters was missing.
  3. Hi Daisy, If the resistor lowers the reading its value is too high. If the capacitor makes no difference its value is too low. It all depends on the internal resistance of the meter. If you use a cap without a resistor the cap will charge very fast on power up and discharge fast through the loads when power is removed i.e. no effect. You have to choose a resistor that influences the meter as little as possible and a cap which is large enough to give you the desired effect.
  4. ante

    110v supply

    Of curse, that would also work. These alternatives do not alter the VA rating as other solutions would, at least not noticeable.
  5. That didn’t exactly answer my questions. :-\
  6. Remember to check the maximum available current for the -5V tab! Also the motherboards current requirements at -5V. Often the current is just -0.5A and this might affect the motherboard even more than other solutions. A fan might use almost as much at startup and this might wipe out the initiation phase of the motherboard causing it to produce errors!
  7. The author refers to this circuit as “very crude” which probably means that he is well aware of the fact that it can be significantly improved!
  8. Have you tried to use both a capacitor in parallel and a resistor in series with the meter?
  9. Are you sure about having it wireless? It might run for a few hours on a PP3 but with half a dozen IR LED’s it will only last for 5 minutes or so.
  10. I am sure you know I was just kidding Steven! ;D However you can get your hair to stand up if you are charged with static (HV) though! ;)
  11. ante

    110v supply

    The sensible thing to do (if possible) is to remove a number of turns on the 130V winding to get an 110V output.
  12. OK, and at which frequency does the 50 and the 75Ohm wire put up zero Ohms impedance?
  13. Perhaps for the same reason as all the other useful stuff was deleted; its copyrighted material!
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot to update this one! Sorry! I found that the inverter transformers (both of them) had open circuit (secondary)! I scavenged a couple of working inverters in a dumpster at work and the thing is now working perfectly. I can’t figure out why both transformers “died” but as things developed, who cares? ;D
  15. Subs uses much lower (VLF band) frequencies at 3-30 kHz to communicate digitally sometimes even ELF!
  16. Hi AG, At which frequency is it a short (zero ohms)? How many meters (or feet) is 50/75Ohms? Are you talking resistance or impedance here and what frequency?
  17. ;D Stun guns are supposed to “stun”, this camera circuit is way too lame to do any harm so don’t worry!
  18. One post would be enough, no need to litter the site! >:(
  19. No pop-ups if you have a proper browser! However the site has very little to offer; only “Prjects” links to already well known sites! >:(
  20. Hi John, Welcome to our forum. To stabilize the voltage we need to see the circuit schematic.
  21. Hi Steven, Isn’t all bicycles upside down, down under? ;D
  22. These bulbs are usually something like 10 – 20 W, this is not always marked on unfortunately.
  23. Hi vdd, If you can “open up” the proxi sw you will find a Schmitt trigger in the circuit, this is what makes the output a switch. The circuit before the Schmitt trigger is an analog inductive sensor.
  24. Hi Steven, The 2A 250V you’ve got there must be the maximum rating for the socket not the bulb I believe.
  25. Hi John, Yes, this must be a brand new database in which they haven’t put any data yet! I also tried many part# and they all came up empty! >:(
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