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  1. Kevin, What characteristics could it have and how would it perform in a circuit? Do you think it would bee an equally
  2. FizzGiGG, Been Googling, found this: http://www.aurora.se/controllers.htm this is not the answer but at least it is something ! Ante ::)
  3. MP, Kevin posted it in post #3. Ante ::)
  4. Kevin, What do you figure it could bee used for? Ante ::)
  5. To get the max current, put some load on the secondary until the voltage drops about 5% then read your current. This is not an exact science but it will give an idea. To get a more accurate value it
  6. MP, What will bee the result if you change the 7824 for a 7924? Ante ::)
  7. wheelro, If your PSU is 6VDC it will be fine with 150ohm in series whit each LED. Ante ::)
  8. kyawmin, What is this ballast circuit supposed to load? Voltage, Amps, Watts, Hertz? Ante ::)
  9. FizzGIGG, Welcome to this community! Interesting thought, I have no clue but I hope someone can help. I have a couple of dead laptops in my trash bin too. They must have an interface standard of some kind. Ante ::)
  10. No not really, we need to know the maximum current allowed through the LED. Ante ::)
  11. wheelro, Welcome to this community! How much current are the LEDs rated for? Ante ::)
  12. Hi, How much current is the maximum that the motor(s) will need? Ante ::)
  13. audioguru, Yes the boards look good, are they as strong as the blue once? And is the copper
  14. Xenobius, Exterior as well as interior it is a very nicely put together project. What about my suggestion for your next project? Ante ::)
  15. Cwt, Welcome to this community! This document will hopefully answer your questions. http://www.codemercs.com/Downloads/AN1.pdf Ante ::)
  16. Rhonn, I can find 2003 issues but nothing else? ??? Where did I go wrong? Ante ::)
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