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  1. Rhonn, That was strange, can
  2. Bob, I have replaced your R2 with two resistors. The op-amp will (I hope) put out approx 3Volts when 6 A is passing through the
  3. Rhonn, Is it this symbol you are missing? Ante ::)
  4. Audioguru, As surveillance for a plant (dumb or not) it sounds like very good circuit. I have to agree on your thoughts about the form of message the first circuit gave. Your suggestion will of curse give a much clearer message. Even JLB:s application measuring salt concentration can perhaps benefit from the new circuit. I say: fine by me! Ante ::)
  5. Rhonn, You have to be a member to download, just register and you are! I am. Ante ::)
  6. Bob, What is the highest value possible for R2? This will determine if the opto LED can be driven right off the voltagedrop or else you need an op-amp to boost the voltage. Ante ::)
  7. Hi Guys, Here are some nice projects on this site, among others something for the LM35. http://www.x-robotics.com/sensores.htm#LM35 I hope it will generate some ideas! Ante ::)
  8. This circuit will detect mains power and indicate this by the LED blinking at about 3 Hz for 50 Hz mains. The antenna is anything from 5 to 25 cm of wire depending on the sensitivity that is needed. Ante ::)
  9. Thanks MP, I was not sure about it. I hope it can help James. Ante ::)
  10. Bob, I guess we where writing simultaneously as I saw you message after I was finished with mine. Is it only motion you want to detect? In that case an opto sensor will come in handy, giving an output while the shaft moves and non when it stops. Ante ::)
  11. To clarify things can someone please make a drawing for all to look at as reference? ??? Ante ::)
  12. Bob, If the stall current is 1A, under which circumstances do you expect 6A? Ante ::)
  13. From the original circuit remain one resistor, one potentiometer two caps and a LED. I would call that a change. Where is the finished circuit then? I sure there are some readers that are a bit confused not getting to see the hole picture (drawing). Ante ::)
  14. Yes all of them can be replaced. As long as they are equivalent in data. Ante ::)
  15. audioguru, Well then, this is where you come in to the picture. From scratch, design and post a circuit suitable for this job. Then it
  16. Thanks John, Chinese is not easy. It
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