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  1. Thanks John, Chinese is not easy. It
  2. audioguru, My point is there are alternatives to
  3. You are Good John, you are good. If there ever is an expert in finding data sheets, it
  4. Well when I think of it, why does my car only have two headlights? If there were four of them I would have twice the light in the dark! And why is it fitted with a 70liter petrol tank, a 200liter would carry me much longer? What the heck does these car manufacturers think of? But then again, my car works anyway! Irrelevant? Oh yes! Ante ::)
  5. Kasamiko, I hope to see some screen dumps of the waveforms on this forum soon then! Take care and don
  6. Kasamiko, Yes, I think the SSP2N60B will work for your project. This 600V 2A N-channel is worth a try. Keep us posted on the progress! Good Luck. Ante ::)
  7. Hi, This is not much but TDA9387PS belongs to a family, the (TDA935X/6X/8XPS/N2). Maybe this gives you more possibilities for searching. Ante ::)
  8. Kasamiko, How you connect it to the soundcard depends on which software you use. Most of them use the line-in for this but even the mic-input is sometimes used. Both channels is used to dual channel scope software. There is also some software for frequency measuring if you just want to count the waves and not look at them ;D which uses the same inputs. Ante ::)
  9. Kasamiko, I see, you have problems getting components at your place. To find a suitable MOSFET for this purpose I would look in an old PC PSU if you can get your hands on one. Or if you want to have a bipolar BUV 90 is a good choice, common in old TV sets. Ante ::)
  10. Kasamiko, When I test relay contacts I measure the voltage across under load, anything more than 0.0 V and you have a problem. Ante ::)
  11. How did the test turn out, (battery direct to the relay)? Ante ::)
  12. Hi, I have a manual for a HM 203-7, it mite be similar in some parts. Ante ::) Hameg-Scope.pdf
  13. Kasamiko, I found some schematics for it! Hope it helps! Ante ::) AIWA-NSX-A555.pdf
  14. Kasamiko, My earlier post http://home.online.no/%7Esondred/Gamle%20sider/attenuator.htm is not using any ADC, it
  15. The URL works but there is no update. The circuit and description is the same. Ante ::)
  16. Beats me! Is there some gearing, say 4:1 from the crankshaft to the magneto? Ante ::)
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