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  1. audioguru, If I remember correctly the unit putout 15W at 127V and the
  2. audioguru, About the circuit; I have seen a very similar circuit many years ago. It was a circuit I once repaired that where made for the purpose of running your electric razor in the car. I remember the transistors were AD149 and the caps where un polarized type like the ones you use for speaker cross over filters, maybe they had un polarized caps for a reason? They perhaps figured out that the polarity is changing in the circuit and that standard electrolytics is not the way to go? Ante ::)
  3. MP, With all respect; in the inverter a short never occur because there is a transformer winding in series, which is the resistance. The winding is an inductor so it has a time constant and it opposes to a change in current, this prevents a short. This phenomena is what we use in a converter. I am very happy that our opinions are getting closer! ;D Ante ::)
  4. MP, The gif files is the smallest type of picture files that I know of. They can be very small if you only use black & white witch in most cases is good for circuits. Anything with less than 256 colours will be small. Ante ::)
  5. audioguru, Your input
  6. Yes if you use a resistor in front of the Zener, but it will be dangerous to touch any of the parts or the parts in anything you supply from this circuit! Ante ::)
  7. MP, Now that you found the Zapco circuit, this is only one of many in fact most of the circuits I have seen and repaired have no emitter resistors. Question is how do they get away with it? All this equipment is out there working day after day and they are all designed wrongly?? Ante ::)
  8. thedreamer, It is possible to detect if it is power or a nail but the current cannot be measured this way. There are cheap detectors for this making a LED blink for power and lit constant for a nail or pipe. If you need to measure current there must be a known distance between the wire and your divice. Ante ::)
  9. yourwins, If you like to build for the reason of learning it is ok, but you can by these for a lot less then building them yourself. Ante ::)
  10. Hello RC people, There is some info about these IC:s on this page:http://www.cpg1.freeserve.co.uk/servos/servos.htm Ante ::)
  11. Hi steve, Welcome to this forum! A good place to start is http://www.beyondlogic.org/ And this is another http://www.epanorama.net/links/hwprojects.html Hope these will help you with your project! Ante ::)
  12. MP, What is protecting the transistors in the Zapco circuit from destruction if the current starts to flow unequally through the emitters ? Ante ::)
  13. Hi, tuzvihar About the changes of caps and diodes I can only say: Bigger is better!! I am looking forward to hearing about the measurements. Good Luck. Ante ::)
  14. Mixos, I never see any messages I only experience loooooong delays sometimes! Ante ::)
  15. Steven, The d40d5 is as far as I can see a transistor NPN 1A 6,25W 200MHz and can be replaced with BD 419, BD 519 or BD 529. This is from an old semiconductor databook. Ante ::)
  16. fudy, Sounds like a good investment to have one of these! I guess 400$ will by you one of the ready built easily! It
  17. Hi, MARSMAN Mars is obviously connected to the World Wide Web these days. Welcome to this forum MARSMAN! Seriously; what you should watch out for is the voltage drop. A modern CPU consumes a lot of current and you will get serious voltage drop especially if you use standard wire. I think 5-6 Mtrs is not possible. The CPU harness is an untested issue as far as I know, I can
  18. mastrila, One of these will do the job: BU 932, 2SD572..573, 2SD606, BUT 51P, 2SD573, 2SD683. Ante ::)
  19. mastrila, It is an obsolete transistor so I guess it
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