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  1. I am very sorry if my comments have offended you, this was absolutely not my intention. I misjudged the way my help would be received on how to spend your money. I was wrong and again I
  2. Hi, If you want accurate speed sensing I suggest you use one of the ABS sensor for this. If you don
  3. Concerning this circuit I have the same thoughts as for the op-amp tester! Ante ::)
  4. Why waste components for a tester of something you test once or twice. The cost of this tester will exceed the price of some new op-amps. I think for an amateur the money is better spent on a protoboard on which you can make a temporary test bench for any IC and of curse use for a lot of other things. Ante ::)
  5. Hi pmontone! Which kind of panel meter is you planning to use? Ante ::)
  6. Audioguru, Ian The only sure thing about aircrafts is that they always come down
  7. Hey, go here and have a look! Lots of software for electronics, and its free !! http://www.tech-systems-labs.com/freesoftware.htm Ante ::)
  8. Hi all, This project is a long one; does anybody have an updated schematics which agrees to the project so far? Ante ::)
  9. Good question, there are a lot of questions here I guess :-\ Ante ::)
  10. I made a small experiment, a 7805, 9V input, zero load, measure current through ground connection , 6.7 mA, that
  11. The Mosfets works more like a vacuum tube than the bipolars, maybe they want the tube sound. The vacuum tubes are also sensitive devices..... if you drop them! ;D Ante ::)
  12. Audioguru, The power surge is one of the reasons I want to use a Schmitt trigger if the light comes on slowly the transistor will be fried before the lamp starts to glow. If the transistor is driven directly to saturation it can cope much better with the current. Ante ::)
  13. You said earlier it was a transistor / Zener circuit; witch regulator are you trying to find the data sheet for? Ante ::)
  14. I must say that op-amps have been around for many years and I have accepted them as they are because they are very useful! Ante ::)
  15. Yes billy, lets welcome us! ;D Ante ::)
  16. Hi, I built something like this once, it seems like a good choice. A standard glowdriver is not pulsed like this one. This will probably save you some plugs. About the software, there are some links at http://electronics-lab.com/index.html under
  17. A Zener diode is ok for a constant load because it can be optimised to waste as little power as possible. Ante ::)
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