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  1. MP,
    With all respect; in the inverter a short never occur because there is a transformer winding in series, which is the resistance. The winding is an inductor so it has a time constant and it opposes to a change in current, this prevents a short. This phenomena is what we use in a converter. I am very happy that our opinions are getting closer! ;D

    Ante ::)

  2. thedreamer,
    It is possible to detect if it is power or a nail but the current cannot be measured this way. There are cheap detectors for this making a LED blink for power and lit constant for a nail or pipe. If you need to measure current there must be a known distance between the wire and your divice.

    Ante ::)

  3. Hi, MARSMAN

    Mars is obviously connected to the World Wide Web these days. Welcome to this forum MARSMAN! Seriously; what you should watch out for is the voltage drop. A modern CPU consumes a lot of current and you will get serious voltage drop especially if you use standard wire. I think 5-6 Mtrs is not possible. The CPU harness is an untested issue as far as I know, I can

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