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  1. Siddhu, While we are waiting........................ To charge any form of battery there are a threshold for the current/voltage. If there is not enough energy you cannot overcome this threshold and there will be no charging done. Ante ::)
  2. Hi, That one runs on steam, right ? ;D Ante ::)
  3. Oh, I forgot: Here are some datasheets for the nearest brother and for the equivalent one. By the way the 2SD2064.pdf
  4. Hi, John I found the info in a book, and now I found it on the net also: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/pouzou/site/composants/sd/2s2000.htm Good Luck! Ante ::)
  5. Hi, You can try http://www.cmbcomponents.com/ Ante ::)
  6. Hi mastrila, Do you have the variac directly between mains and your PSU circuit? If so is the variac you are using a full transformer model? Ante ::)
  7. A great place for manuals and bulletins covering lots of different equipment: http://www.wimtv.be/techniforum/ Ante ::)
  8. Hi mastrila, If C7 gets hot you probably got oscillation. The only way C7 can get hot is if it
  9. Must be some [glow=red,2,300]BIG[/glow] crystals if they are used to charge batterys. Ante ::)
  10. Hi gaark. I have seen a PSU that was equipped with a triac regulation on transformer primary. The way they done it was using a dual potentiometer for the voltage control, not a closed loop. The set-up was about 8 volts difference with no load. I think if you want a closed loop control you have to use a digital potentiometer with
  11. I believe the filtered output is a necessity because the way switchers work. They shop the current at 40 to 100 kHz (sometimes more) and create spikes and some interference that must be restrained. Ante ::)
  12. Ok, I have missed it then, what is the chip id please? Ante ::)
  13. Go to http://www.doom.com/results_sample.asp and type in SPCA711A. Ante ::)
  14. Hi. bogdan. The energy in this is very low; I don
  15. If you only have 2 volts, what
  16. Hi. Try this one, hope it's the right one! http://www.searchdatasheets.com/search.asp?q=29W320&t= Ante ::)
  17. Hi Hope this will help you. http://www.casio.co.jp/ced/english/pdf/E_PDF/model/T1151.pdf. Ante ::)
  18. Hi. I think C2 and C3:s connections should be as short as possible and be located closer to the regulator. Ante ::)
  19. Sorry. All white led:s I have seen so far are 3.6V drop so 5 Volts will to fine. Unless it was 2.5 V stated in the question instead of 2 - 5 Volts, as I believed. Ante ::)
  20. Why use a chip for this, just a couple of resistors will do the job. Ante ::)
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