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  1. Here is an attenator for pc oscilloscope that is used for soundcard input but it will probably be possible to apply in this case. The site is in Norwegian but the schematic is pretty simple. http://home.online.no/%7Esondred/Gamle%20sider/attenuator.htm Ante ::)
  2. Here is a good place to start, containing a lot of info on metal locators. Lots of schematics and even a forum. http://www.thunting.com/cgi-bin/geotech/pages/common/index.pl?page=metdet&file=schematics.dat Good luck! Ante ::)
  3. OK, I got the hint ;D We go linear on this one. :'( Where are you Staigen! Ante ::)
  4. I have been following this project for some time now and I think all the problems with heat, SOA, big expensive heatsinks, double fans and so on can disappear by going switchmode. This is more economic, much higher efficiency, lover component count and a lot less heat. And it will fit in a smaller case too. ::)
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