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  1. OK, so we all agree on this and…….. ? ;)
  2. Try here when it's not too busy: http://icproducts.ic37.com/1007.htm
  3. Hi Ray, Welcome to our forum. Depending on for how long time you need the 12V @ 2-3A it might work to store this energy in a capacitor. The small 9V (PP3) batteries can not supply 2-3A!
  4. Hi Don, This is a large topic, could you specify what you need to know? In some cases there are no big differences, in other it means “life or death”. You can destroy a transformer made for 60Hz when running it of 50Hz. Some types of electric motors run faster on 60Hz than on 50Hz.
  5. Any of these will work fine and does not generate much heat! ;)
  6. Hi wuemura, Can you get hold of a MAX 724 or an LT 1074 where you live?
  7. ante

    OS Conflict

    OK, whatever makes it more effective! ;)
  8. Have you checked your yellow pages for chemicals?
  9. As I said if you are serious, but of curse your budget will set some limit too! Tecno: Honestly, I don’t know anything about this equipment but it looks good.
  10. Hi Don, Basically it’s P = U * I . The transformer puts up a higher resistance at a higher frequency which means fewer turns of wire thus a smaller transformer.
  11. Hi Don, Since the charger is marked 100mA this is assumed to be the maximum current. The maximum current occurs at the lowest voltage. At 240VAC we can assume the current to be about 50mA.
  12. Multiple posting of this question will not help you find the stuff, telling us where you live might! ;)
  13. Something tells me you don’t love your neighbors! ;D
  14. If you are serious about electronics go for a known brand and just buy the things you need!
  15. Yes Jack, That’s what I usually recommend, really good literature! ;)
  16. ante

    OS Conflict

    Jack, That sounds like a very good idea to use filters to get rid of all the crap! I believe it’s very important to delete all the accounts of the culprits too! >:(
  17. ONLY! :o Are you kidding? Here we have 3 phase 400V for heavy appliance (stove, washing machine or a welder) and 230-240V for everything else this allows thinner wiring and lower losses (but slightly bigger transformers since we have only 50Hz)! ;D
  18. ante

    OS Conflict

    Hi AG, Maybe you are right but I can’t understand why “High Voltage” would attract things like “blowjob” and “Viagra” anyway!? Am I missing something here? :-\
  19. Hi casdale, The 12V fan might not crank up at all on 5V, it depends on the fan. Furthermore the use of 5V from the USB will increase the heat in your laptop even more.
  20. Hi don, Max 750mA is the maximum secondary load and 100mA is the mains current at the primary! Input power is 120 * 0.1 = 12W and output power is 12 * 0.75 = 9W.
  21. Hi AG, I think you got it reversed here, with 230V it’s cheaper because the power companies can use half the wire gauge for the same kWh and the transmission losses are less with higher voltage. From where I see it $0.07 / kWh is not cheap! :o
  22. You’ve got an answer at the identical post you have made elseware in the forum!
  23. Also check the output stages power transistors or power module whichever used in this unit and the large rear end caps. If the fault is intermittent try freeze spray to locate the problem.
  24. You should try the different company’s homepages; this is where they can be found most of the time.
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