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  1. Sorry, haven seen any ready made in black.
  2. Hi tubbytwo, Just curious, is this a replacement for an old 90V anode battery?
  3. Yeah, someone got it fixed perhaps they have paid the bill now! ;D Interesting replacement for the 78XX but unfortunately too clumsy for what I had in mind though!
  4. Hi ben, You can post a picture and we will try to figure out what it is!
  5. Hi Guys, I was curious about the ad on top of the page but it did not work with my browser, anybody else got this problem?
  6. Why not use a can of black spray paint?
  7. The LM7805 has its tab connected to ground so cooling it can be done by bolting it to the car chassis as it then also will be connected to negative. (Not applicable on some older British cars though!) ;D
  8. Hi AG, Why not run them through the scanner and post them here? At least some highlights would be nice! ;)
  9. I like your desktop Herman! ;D I think “Trace thickness” should be set to “Mills” first, try it! ;)
  10. Hi Shahriar, I don’t know what a new ATX PSU costs in your part of the world but where I live they are very cheap, almost no one repair them and in doing so jeopardizeing the life of the computer. As you put it “Sometimes, Shit Happens!” ! ;D Perhaps you are doing this for educational purposes? ;)
  11. ante


    Hi sergen, I have changed your image to a more suitable format for posting (PNG). The size is now 10k instead of 2019.4k (200 times smaller) and it is easier to see to. Please use this format, the pages loads much faster and members using dialup will be more comfortable.
  12. Hi vinodkp, Welcome to our forum. I am sorry to hear about these problems, the first thing that comes into my mind is your software. Since you are using winace and I have no experience with this software I would recommend trying your files with WinRar which is the software used to compress these files. When using WinRar, remember that all the parts must be in the same folder when unpacking. Good luck and please let us know how it develops!
  13. The current limit circuit will work with almost any NPN transistor.
  14. Hi Guys, OT but way back we called TV-sets containing tubs and transistors hybrids! ;)
  15. You can start by dismantling the Walkman so you can see what parts you have to play with! Then you come up with an idea and we’ll see. ;)
  16. Some inductive loads can overheat when using square wave.
  17. Hi catsfly, Welcome to our forum. You probably have to custom build a controller circuit for your motor. We need to know the motor data, the voltage from your outlet and perhaps a few things more to be able to help out.
  18. That’s correct John, almost never ;)
  19. I suggest a fuse (in series) and a 32V MOV (in parallel) on the power input of the board.
  20. I’d say it’s 99.99% sure they are capacitors!
  21. OK, so this is no longer an open forum?! You fix it through the mail so no one else can learn from it?! Fine! I am not sure I want to participate in a dictatorship! Thank you!
  22. Hi henry, A picture would help significantly!
  23. As I mentioned before; I believe it’s a capacitor too! Yes it makes sense. ;)
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