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  1. As with transistors in parallel you can
  2. Does the high power relays have any extra contacts that could be used to latch?
  3. Have you grounded the circuit like it shows in the diagram? The
  4. Perfect! This article is an in depths walk through of the 723 internals and the surrounding circuitry!
  5. Between gates there should be no reason for resistors.
  6. I must have missed that one back in the eighties; I don
  7. This will probably be useful: http://www.personal.dundee.ac.uk/~gathomso/EG2103/pull-up.doc ;)
  8. It should work if the power requirement is low and the frequency stability isn
  9. Perhaps 20mA is not enough for a Power LED as requested here!
  10. Well, now everybody knows your personal views!
  11. No smoking needed, the second channel dropped its regulation due to voltage drop. You know they don
  12. You are way of; start reading up on things before you open up! There is NO arcing when the contacts are closing unless a. the voltage is high enough to jump across the contact pair before they are shut or b. the relay is stupidly under-dimensioned for the purpose! What you might se at the closing moment could be a spark NEVER arcing! And you know what you can do with the
  13. Hi keron, The circuit is not complete; here is how I've used the MOC3041 to switch a transformer. http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/036/index.html The mains circuit part of this project should work for any inductive load.
  14. Arcing is NOT caused by switching IN a load! Arcing is caused when opening the relay contacts (switching out a load)!
  15. Hi AG, Not always completely true. I have experienced dual PSU
  16. Are the output connectors switched?
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