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  1. There could be a number of reasons for this! Have you got any pulses (on a scope) from U8:A clock? Also on pin 6 of U3:B input (from IC1)?
  2. Why burn away lots of energy from the poor batterys with a zener and a resistor, a terrible waste! Why not use a regulator and perhaps parallel some of the batterys for better efficiency? ???
  3. Here is a simple Bug Finder 20 MHz to 1GHz. The scanned article is from an old German magazine but I Bug_Finder.pdf
  4. We are not talking about the same things here, my practical experiences do not agree with your statements. You are also continuing to referee to certain commercial equipment with no relevance to what I have stated. I will not waste more time on this!
  5. I believe some zeners to protect the MOSFETS wouldn
  6. Hi linker, If you like to build a meter yourself this is a nice kit but it
  7. At least you got the last part right and this high current pulses is exactly what
  8. Yes I know very well how a halogen works, thank you! This was not the point here; the point was the limited lifespan a halogen has in the suggested application. Unlike the police light (in the link you provided) the filaments in the knight rider application will have more time to
  9. Halogens are not suitable for blinking/flashing due to their very low cold resistance which will limit the lifespan considerably!
  10. This one is much better: http://www3.telus.net/chemelec/Projects/Inverter/Mosfet-Inverter.htm
  11. Yes, a filter should take care of this problem.
  12. Yes of curse it needs AC but in a vehicle where you have DC it would be smarter to use a DC motor.
  13. This is a program file, an (exe file)!?
  14. Why would someone manufacture equipment for campers and alike for AC Voltage? That sounds stupid.
  15. Yes a good chance! Is this what you need?
  16. Hi gevv, Interesting, however not enough info to make sense and very confusing diagrams! Too Bad! :(
  17. This solution will supply about 17V at low load! This could damage LED
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