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  1. No problem please just let us know the outcome ! ;)
  2. And here are the remaining pages! I hope you can use it. ;D
  3. OK, I got a good example for you. I don
  4. No its not, I think I have some diagrams somewhere. Stay tuned! ;)
  5. I believe you could use one of these: http://www.laptopshop.co.uk/laptop-notebook-car-cord/spscarcord.htm
  6. Yeah, I thought so too but I don
  7. I am not familiar with CirCad, doesn
  8. Well, you don't have to spend time there if you don't like it!
  9. Hi zoom, Do you mean how to make search coils for metal detectors?
  10. This is extremely tiring and going nowhere in a hurry! It
  11. There is no way to accomplish anything like this given the power of the 8051! It would require much more computing power and speed!
  12. Hi Ben, The maximum current will depend on the three PSU
  13. Omni, I believe you are trying to make simple basic tests into advanced science!
  14. Hi Ian, Three of these in series: http://www.gear-zone.co.uk/eshop/Duracell-45v-Flat-Battery.html will supply 13.5V which is close to what you have in a car. For testing LED circuits they will probably last for years! ;)
  15. Neither has your documented education obviously!
  16. Oh I forgot! You can download SBM from here: http://web.onetel.net.uk/~stuorguk/StripboardMagic.zip I have LochMaster but its too large to upload here!
  17. Hi Steve, You can use LochMaster, StripBoardMagic or StripBoard Designer for this job!
  18. Well, hammering a nail without a hammer might cause injures to your hand! :o I suggest you try strip-board for small projects like this. A good place to start is where they make a circuit just like the one you need and conveniently enough on a strip board! ;D Here it is good luck! http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/stripbd.htm
  19. Yes, bigger and heavier gives a nice feeling when incrementing the voltage. Here are a few examples of crank-type knobs: http://www.surplussales.com/ShaftHardware/Knobs-12.html I am sure you could find many more of a similar type at other suppliers. The finger hole knobs are often used for tuning DX-receivers and other ham stuff.
  20. For these multi-turns I try to find heavy machined aluminum knobs with a small crank or one with a finger hole; this gives you a smooth and accurate feeling.
  21. I use this type (10-turns) of potentiometers for PSU
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