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  1. Well, hammering a nail without a hammer might cause injures to your hand! :o
    I suggest you try strip-board for small projects like this.
    A good place to start is where they make a circuit just like the one you need and conveniently enough on a strip board! ;D
    Here it is good luck!

  2. Yes, bigger and heavier gives a nice feeling when incrementing the voltage. Here are a few examples of crank-type knobs: http://www.surplussales.com/ShaftHardware/Knobs-12.html I am sure you could find many more of a similar type at other suppliers. The finger hole knobs are often used for tuning DX-receivers and other ham stuff.

  3. Hi Omni,
    How can your power supply have an output voltage of 30VDC with some current, with a 24VAC transformer that makes rectified only 32VDC?

    Isn't the output full of ripple if the voltage is higher than 25VDC and the current is more than about only 2A?

    How can the 24VDC/3A (72VA) transformer supply 32VDC x 3A= 96VA?

    How can the 2N3055 dissipate 30VDC x 3A= 90W without overheating?

    How can the little 2N2219 dissipate up to 3.6W without melting?

    You don
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