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  1. Perhaps the oscillator works with the 100R resistor? but other data for the circuit might not live up to the datasheet values with this higher load! As an example the temperature range promised in the sheet might not be fulfilled! Also I suspect that stability will be affected with this extra load. Sure you can go outside some of the parameters but not without influencing another. I have (by mistake) run a 555 on 24VDC and it got very hot but it survived even though the datasheet says 18VDC! I know that a light bulb (which in its datasheet is) designed for 12V will work fine at 18 V, however I don
  2. Watch it AG, you might get deleted! ;D ;D
  3. Hi Tom, I would try a potentiometer of high quality with some gearing for this.
  4. Hi Ben, A car alternator can be used as a three-phase AC alternator if the diodes are removed. It is also possible to re-wind it to suit the voltage required. If you don
  5. Perhaps TI should employ some 30+years engineer to amend their datasheets since their present brains doesn
  6. Hi Mike, This thermal flasher depends on a higher current to be drawn than the LED will draw to work properly. Try by paralleling the LED with a normal bulb and they both will flash. If you need the circuit to work with only the load from a LED you have to build an electronic circuit instead. Look up (Google)
  7. This is a strait forward PSU, I am sure you can find all you need in the datasheet for the LM723. This datasheet covers all the basic circuits for the 723: http://eu.st.com/stonline/books/pdf/docs/4553.pdf
  8. Why would you reinvent the wheel? There are a lot of chips out there with everything built in. All in one chip converters with high stability and no fuzz, why make something more expensive, complicated and less reliable? :-\
  9. You must wire them in parallel (since both are 12V) and make sure the PSU can supply enough power to run both!
  10. 1. Age makes the insulation weak and repeated heating and cool of makes things even worse. 2. The only way to determine the ratio (if you cannot find the data elsewhere) is to dismantle the transformer and count the turns as you unwind the coils. 3. No I don
  11. None of these can run a motor if not supported by some kind of power device i.e. triac, thyristor or relay. Please post the circuit so we can se what this is all about.
  12. Unless the motor is extremely small the MOC 3041 (or MOC 3040) will be toast immediately!
  13. Hi Jim, You are correct! That was a really dumb question! ;D ;D The circuit you need for that purpose is much simpler to make. ;)
  14. The appearance of capacitors differs between manufacturers and these might very well be ceramics. When repairing many different types of equipment one encounters various brands and learns to see the differences and similarities.
  15. They can bring their own music or select from the playlist you provide in the
  16. You have to use a stabilized 5V for the IC
  17. You will need more than a microcontroller to do this. To make a system like this secure it requires some sophisticated software and storage for all the samples from the people passing in and out of the factory/office building.
  18. The magnetron is NOT an empty box!
  19. Good, please let us know soon how you are getting along with your new hobby ! ;)
  20. If the transformers are toroide type its easy to fix. Normally the secondary winding is on top, just wind of until you get the desired voltage or make a tap and wind it all back again. If its not a toroide transformer you might still be able to rip of some turns to lower the secondary voltage even though it
  21. You need a DB-9 Serial to USB Adapter! Can be bought in almost any computer store.
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