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  1. Hi Steve, I have recommended and posted this link before and as I still believe these e-books are a valuable tool for the electronic hobbyist (and others) here it is again: http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/electricCircuits/ These 6 books are updated from time to time so you should check every 6 month or so if you got the latest versions. You will find out everything about op-amps and all the other parts involved in an electronic circuit. Good Luck! ;)
  2. It must be damaged, with a 100R resistor the current should be about 12.5mA! Or, it is not connected the way it should!
  3. OK, so you just like to fiddle with is for good or bad? Remember, if you do some of the easy jobs wrong it creates major work! ;D
  4. Can you elaborate, do you lack power, torque, smooth running, better mileage or do you just want be nice to the environment?
  5. Hi Matt (in your soaking socks) ;D You need a relay to interface between the moisture alarm kit and the power line for the pump.
  6. The E-Lab site is very slow today, worse than ever I think! Adword and similar stuff here on the site should be able to pay for a better maintenance I believe! What are your thoughts?
  7. The MAX038 is still available at most parts dealers, I don
  8. Well Kevin, did you get your sparks straightened out?
  9. If you are using an alternator or a generator you must have some form of regulator to adapt the energy available to the batterys state of charge. If you do not use any form of regulator there will be damages to the batterys, alternator or both.
  10. Yeah all right, no mosfets! 8)
  11. So, the outputs are not protected? I did not get anything from the diagram. Why not completely redesign or just use mosfets instead?
  12. You can wire three 24 VDC alternators in series to get 72 VDC, this works fine. Or you can re-wind the stator in an existing alternator if you only got room for one alternator. No big deal.
  13. A real jukebox must have vinyl records in it! A modern
  14. Yes it will work at 7.5V no problem. The mass of the heavy flywheel reduces the acceleration of the motor; this is how to determine the torque of the motor.
  15. Again: do you know how to read a datasheet? Do you know how to use a calculator? I can
  16. Hi AG, So, perhaps we need to change the series resistor values to compensate for the BC517 drop then. I believe the current draw of the BC 517 base will never get anywhere near 25mA!
  17. How about changing the BC 337 for some BC 517 they don
  18. I live in Europe and I know what a Seat Ibiza looks like, it
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