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  1. Philips made quite a few kits like this back in the late sixties and early seventies and I thought they worked very well. Philips EE electronic experiment kits, and even a few mechanical kits where produced also good quallity. I have fiddled and had a lot of fun with a few of these kits back in the sixties.
    I haven

  2. Has anbody ever heard of these going bad? I want to replace mine, but it's too expensive. I just want to know if I might get better performance with a brand new ignition power transistor?

    I find it more likely that another part/component has gone bad. I would check the wiring and the connectors for oxidation and dirt/moist.
    Some ignition modules have internal temperature protection and if the cooling of the module is not sufficient it reduces power and eventually shuts down. Check the surface between the module and the chassis for corrosion. Clean both surfaces (metal clean) and apply some new silicon grease to it. 

    As AG says: a new air filter can increase the performance, and so can a set of new plugs and even new plug wires!

  3. You should not parallel it to the original battery since they are not the same type. You might get away with replacing it though but the charging time and characteristics can be a problem. The charger inside the APC is not set/dimensioned for a car battery and the car battery is usually not of the deep cycle type. A starter battery (car battery) is constructed to supply very high current outputs for short periods and not to be deeply discharged. The deep cycle type cannot supply such high currents but will allow you to drain it down to 20 or 30% before you charge it. 
    If charged from an external source it would work and add some extra time. Correctly setup and fused there should be no additional risk of fire. However the car battery will not cycle as many times as a deep cycle type battery would before the end of its lifespan.

  4. Electronics Workbench V10.0 Power Pro Edition

    315Mb ISO file.


  5. Perhaps you can get PTC resistors where you live; they act similar to the PolySwitch if you find a suitable value for your motor (not as good but it works)!
    Fold back current limiting is not the best choice for a motor circuit, this will not trip the circuit and if the motor gets jammed it will fry in a while.

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