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  1. A spring loaded rollershade will probably rotate the motor backwards by pulling the fishing string once it has been pulled out and the power is removed from the motor. I believe you need some sort of brake to hold the motor while it
  2. Which project are you working on?
  3. You have to find the voltage feedback loop and try to figure out how it works on your particular PSU. It is easier if you have a schematic.
  4. Please have a look here: http://circuitprotection.com/
  5. You have to measure its dimensions and search for a DC-plug (even though this is used for AC)! Inner diameter, outer diameter and length! Where? Well I don
  6. You can easily make the voltage variable but the current is not that simple. This will involve a major reconstruction to achieve! Perhaps it
  7. Buy a new plug and attach it to the core!
  8. You need a current limit circuit preferably adjustable. Or, you could use a PolySwitch to protect the motor.
  9. Hi Max, I am looking for N & V from 2005 January, February & March. Do you know where I can find these? Thanks Max!
  10. How about this one; get a four wheel drive vehicle, remove the tranny and the split box, fit an electric motor to one of the axles and a generator to the other and then wire them together! Give it a gentle push and hold on to your hat! ;D
  11. If I just need a HP manual, do I have to perform a 48 hour download to get it???? NO WAY!
  12. They are configured exactly the same only they are military aircraft spec for plenty of G, temperature and more.
  13. Perhaps there could be another solution if you let us know your intentions.
  14. A computer can be overheated due to collection of dust but very rarely starting a fire.
  15. You must mean 250uA which is more realistic!
  16. The positive electrode in for example a D-cell is a graphite rod which can be used for electrolysis.
  17. Perhaps the liquid dissolves some of the cupper inside the diode, it
  18. I meant try to use another signal source (if you got an input for some) to establish if the problem is still there!
  19. Hi Steven, Judging from the color I would say copper is the source! If you put some of this liquid on a plate and let it evaporate you might get some cupper sulphate crystals!
  20. You have to ask Canon for a data sheet, this motor has never been sold unless built into Canon printers.
  21. Well, I mean like a CVBS (composite video) or other besides the standard 15-pole connector.
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