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  1. Hi jay, You say it sparks when you apply power; hmmm maybe everything is not completely hopeless. If you can open the cameras, check the power input circuits for shorted parts. The
  2. If your monitor has a second input connector of some kind you can try another input source. This way you can establish if the problem has to do with the input or not.
  3. Ok, you got it. Here are all APC diagrams I have available! I hope one of these will help you find the problem.
  4. A zener diode might work for low currents and low stability requirements but an LM7805 (there are many others too) will supply more current and high stability!
  5. I thought this forum was about technical stuff not religion, not that I have anything against religion but it does not mix well! All I got to add here is: marcoz, I wish you where correct about these things believe me! But, you are way off and you have nothing with substance to prove any of it! So here it is:
  6. Try to find out where the power from this transistor goes, you will probably find a shorted capacitor, diode or something else busted.
  7. Hi Steven, Very neat arrangement, it looks like you got you
  8. Hi john, Is this IRF740 working solo or is it paralleled with more 740
  9. ante

    Headlight Flasher

    If you mean a circuit diagram; No, I don
  10. You know 3.6 Ohms is not a short! A solenoid is an inductor. What sort of power source do you use?
  11. Hi Mike, Some motors have a self-inhibited gear which means you can
  12. ante

    Headlight Flasher

    I believe a relay will have a very short life in this application. A Mosfet must be dimensioned to cope with the load you
  13. You could attach a small tacho to the cable and convert the output to suit the circuit. Or you could use a small inductive sensor to count the rpm
  14. Hi phil, With a 12VDC input I would not recommend outputs of more than 1.5kW since the input current (>1000A) will be to high to deal with. As I see it there are two ways to accomplish this, a dynamic converter (easier for three phase) or a higher DC voltage preferably 120V or more.
  15. The solenoid must have no less than the calculated amperage to work as intended and it will grab this current when the correct voltage is available. No, that
  16. I might be confused but it sounds like you are trying to make a mechanical shading of a lamp. I can
  17. How is the original speedo arranged on your bike?
  18. Try to measure the Mosfet sitting close to the flyback!
  19. Hi Doc, Yeah, hungry for current! ;D
  20. I found this info: "Viewsonic 1769gs-2 monitor FCC gss17005 has no hi-voltage. Fbt, hot, etc seem ok. Replaced lm-2931 & 74hc00 on the aux. board. All ps voltages ok" "If the HV builds and collapses, and everything else is ok, then you may have a shorted transistor on the CRT socket board. Try desoldering the RGB cathodes at the CRT socket and see if the HV builds and holds."
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