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    ante got a reaction from HaddyS in Tesla Coil Ebook   
    It is very well explained in the links provided by Hotwaterwizard above!
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    ante got a reaction from PhillipGok in Electronics Goldmine!!   

    Just click on
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    ante got a reaction from penelopexm60 in ATTENTION: Illegal content (ebook/magazines/software) will be deleted   
    I have deleted many posts to prevent the frustration when finding posts with a headline of interest just to find “deleted by admin inside”!!! ??? ??? ???

    I can’t see any reason to have a moderator for this board any more, just delete all of it and there are no problems!

    Over and out!

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    ante got a reaction from FranceRouze in PWM using 555 timer   

    Can this help you?

    Ante ::)

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